Saturday, December 17, 2022


Yes, this life's necessities.  They are ALL found in one Place: JESUS CHRIST!  Do you know Him as your Savior?  Oh, my friend, if not, you have no idea what you are missing!!

The grace and peace, the joy and love

that NOTHING can prevent!
It flows so freely from The King
that God the Father sent!
It is so necessary in
the days that we go through,
and it helps to make 'the same old thing...'
so wonderful and new!
And that's because His mercies, they
are newer every day!
He IS The Truth!  Abundant life,
the ONE and only way!
He loves, He gives and He makes sure
that we are not without!
In ALL of this life's challenges
He takes away our doubt!

Yes, confidence no thing can touch
as we go through the day!
Confidence as we worship HIM
and, faithfully, we pray!
He hears those words that leave our lips,
and He's faithful to respond!
He takes us safely though this life,
then oh so far beyond!

Yes, Jesus, precious Jesus, so
involved in all we do!
God the Father knows ALL things,
therefore, He also knew
that we would need Christ every day
to communicate with Him.
With Jesus Christ alive within
our hopes shall NEVER dim!

Rejoice in that endless hope today, my friend!  Praise Him aloud and glorify Jesus Christ, God's very Son and our Savior!  In spite of 'this life,' He is alive and well and working in all that is going on!

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