Friday, December 16, 2022

Jesus IS Celebration!

So many folks I know are dreading this time of year as it conjures up so many painful memories.  It should not be that way, my friend!  It SHOULD be a time of CELEBRATING JESUS CHRIST!  He yet remains the TRUE 'reason for the season!'

It is that time of celebration,
honor, adoration!
Jesus Christ the Lord is come-
mankind's ONLY salvation!
We celebrate with singing, laughter,
gathering and giving!
We celebrate the ONLY ONE
Who gives ETERNAL living!

"O come ye quickly, even now,
O Savior, Lord and king!
For You are foremost at this time,
beyond all EVERYTHING!
Beyond all 'merchandising,' yea,
beyond conflict and strife,
beyond the 'busyness' that so
afflicts all daily life!

Jesus, Jesus, Son of God,
God the Son forever!
The celebrations of YOU, Lord,
no 'thing' shall ever sever!!
We treasure them!  We treasure YOU,
this time AND every day!
Regardless of the 'season' You're

We celebrate Your birth!
You give our living 'worth!'
Your love envelopes all!
You are life's wherewithal!"

Yes, Jesus is THE cause for celebration at this time of year...AND EVERY DAY WE LIVE!  Know The Truth of Him for yourself, my friend, and He will give you cause to celebrate but every day of the year!


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