Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ivory Morning

It's CHRISTMAS time!  A time to rejoice with each other and with Jesus!  In THIS part of the world, that sometimes means that it is very cold and, when we are blessed with it, SNOWY!

The hillsides turned to ivory
as day moves slowly on!
The clouds and wind that brought snow in
are now completely gone!
Nine a.m. shines brilliantly
across the mountain land,
as I have coffee and behold
the workings of His hand!

The cardinals stand out so brightly
as they scour the snow
beneath the feeders that are hanging
from the branches low.
Other trees, the evergreens,
have trunks so very high,
but they are richly verdant as
you look toward the sky!

Father God got out His palette
when the night was here
and dusted all the meadows and 
the mountains that are near!
And now, they shine so vibrantly
in the morning sun-
a sight for every watchful eye
to absolutely stun!

"O thank You, Father, for the present
of another day!
A very precious gift that You,
alone, could e'er convey!
Help us to use it to present You
unto everyone
that happens so to cross our path
before the day is done!"

So glorious and wondrous is the sight of white everywhere you look!  Sure, it may be a 'headache' to some, BUT GOD is a God of variety, and this is just one of the ways He uses to get our attention.  A VERY BEAUTIFUL WAY!


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