Monday, December 26, 2022

How to Please ALL!

Christmas.  'Seasonal' to most, a way of life for the rest of us.  But have you noticed of late how this 'season' has been so painful and stressful?  It doesn't have to be that way, my dear friend!  Ask God to direct your time and efforts and you will surely please Him, others and yourself!

Oh why, oh Lord, does this, Your Day
now generate such stress?!
The 'pressure' to please 'everyone...'
to go in debt to bless!
To make sure we leave no one out,
to cover all the stops...
afterwards, Lord, we are spent,
and the body drops!!
"Joy to each other!  Bills to come!!"
seems now what most men know!
'See as many as you can,
though some may be left out...'
'do it as quickly as you can,'
is what it's all about!

But what about the GREATEST GIFT:
Time with one another?
That shopping, it be secondary,
for we NEED each other!
Your presence is the present that
most people, they desire.
Keep that in mind and your 'giving'
will be made entire!

God made us to be social,
not with just one, but ALL!
Do your best!  Make effort making,
short, you do not fall!
In loving them that need it most,
'bought' gifts are secondary.
The ones you love, they want your 'time.'
All else may be contrary!

TIME.  The greatest gift we can give one another with the way that life is.  AND IT COSTS SO LITTLE!  Give of YOURSELF this holy season to make memories that matter most of all!


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