Friday, December 9, 2022


'Tis the season.  THIS 'season' only?  NEVER!  We have HOPE in Jesus THIS season and CONSTANTLY!  See to it, my friend, that YOUR soul has that constant hope!

There is a settled 'Hope' that 'life'

or living can't affect!
'Twas set in place before all time
by life's own Architect!
It is a hope to which we cling
with every moment passing,
and it gains value, more and more,
with all that is amassing!
God placed that 'hope' in every heart,
but them that know the Lord
draw from that hope but every moment
and we are restored!
As most of daily life attempts
to steal that guarantee,
God Himself has sealed our fate,
regardless come what be!

We are so very blessed, we are,
but even in THIS day!
His grace, love and serenity
guards us in every way!
For things WILL happen in our lives
we will NOT understand;
they may be painful or unfair,
BUT we stay in His hand!
And therein lies that HOPE that THIS LIFE
cannot even touch!
Those 'situations' that arise,
for He is there for such!
We are protected and secured
by a Crimson Thread:
that 'One' that vows, into His
Paradise, we shall be led!

That Crimson Thread.  HIS NAME IS JESUS!  And He is available for any and all that call upon His Name!  This being His birthday, what greater Gift than to ask Him into your heart and follow His secure lead?

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