Friday, December 30, 2022

Glory Anew!!

The storms have passed for now.  I notice a glow this morning that is so welcome and wonderful!  What a glorious way to start a brand-new day...a brand-new year!  Celebrate it with me, won't you?

As I rise and clear my head,
I notice that the sky is red!
THE SUN IS OUT!!  O praise His Name!
The day--it will not be the same!
The past week has been up-and-down,
from frozen pipes...the rush...the 'brown,!'
BUT NOT TODAY!  The skies are clear,
and 'newness,' it is surely here!
For God, who's newer everyday
would have us see all things HIS way!
And, if we do, the days that come
will not be stressful, bothersome!

Regardless how life may 'appear,'
just know that Jesus, He is here!
And, with Him present through the day,
'success' will surely come your way!
Regardless of the 'temperature'
outside, you can be sure
that God the Father makes it clear

So, lift Him up and make Him center!
Therefore, the stress and dread won't enter
into this time that's meant for Him,
just like the sunlight that won't dim!
You will enjoy it more and more
as you walk out of that door,
or even if you're stuck inside,
praise HIM and you'll be satisfied!

Yes, the Presence of Jesus makes all the difference in the world.  In a crowd...all play...Jesus Christ the Son of God enhances life in ways that nothing or no one else can!  Make Him your Lord and Savior today, won't you?  What a way to start a new year!


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