Tuesday, December 27, 2022


It happened!  Today it happened!  WE HAD CHRISTMAS!  HALLELUJAH!  I know, most of the world is already done, however, "life" pre-empted our family gathering this year.  God wasn't surprised.  Nor was He upset.  He knew about all that would hinder it long before we can ever imagine!  And guess what?!  He had just as much fun as we did here in THIS house!

The times and the events of life
sometimes get in the way
of the most-perfect, laid-out plans
that could come man's way!
What happens then?  Do we give up?
Do we 'throw in the towel?'
Sure, it maybe unpleasant,
bring a tear or cause a scowl!
But our days, they are numbered and
our steps are ordered, too!
Our very best with what we have 
is all that we can do!
AND GOD will take care of the rest,
as we allow Him reign!
In fact, with Him in charge of all,
each day shall we see gain!

Yes, Christmas came a little late
for this man and many others.
But I will stick to God's Great Plan
because 'I have my druthers!'
He is in charge.  He knows of all.
And naught surprises Him!
So, we can trust that what He does,
it is NOT 'on a whim!'
He made the stars and set each one
in place where it belongs.
So, I can trust Him, even if
my life, it ain't all songs!
But if we live as HE directs 
that song will surely be!
And you can take THAT to that bank
that lasts eternally!

No, today's celebration did not upset God one bit!  We celebrated Jesus Christ His Holy Son by exchanging presents, breaking bread together, laughing, crying and loving one another.  It is a memory that I will file in that file that is getting bigger and bigger!  (That one my wife swears is disappearing!  LOL!!)

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