Wednesday, December 7, 2022

December 7, 1941

A generation ago, in a complete surprise, there was an attack on one of the most beautiful places on earth.  That attack threw us into a world war that was already raging throughout Europe.  It also did something psychological to Americans: it made us suspicious of a certain race of people.  Time would tell, however, that a majority of 'those' people had nothing to do with it, nor did they want to.  So, what did we do to them?  We interred them, stripped them of their rights, and caused a complete generation to look down upon them...all due to the actions of a few thousand people!  I lived in Hawaii for a few years over 50 years ago, about 24 years after that attack, and the Japanese folks there when I was there were owners...even some of dad's employees in the machine shop at Pearl Harbor.  In fact, they were the first ones on the spot whenever daddy needed help, and they were the last ones we  saw when we were at the airport on or way back to the states!
Today, they live all throughout our nation, throughout the world, and they are some of the kindest folks you could ever meet!  So where do we put December 7, 1941 in our history?  Surely, it was the start of a painful period for America!  Surely, the President said that it 'would be a day that would live in infamy.'
However, we are resilient, and some of my best friends today are Japanese or Hawaiian!  So, where do you filter that into "celebrating" Pearl Harbor Day each year?  We DON'T 'celebrate' it, we 'commemorate' it and remember those who 'gave their all' defending this country!  I still know some that haven't forgiven them.  JESUS SAYS THAT WE MUST, if we are ever to progress at all.  That may not take away the sting...the pain...the anger that I see even yet to this day.  (Though not on the scale I saw back when I was a 7-yr old living in paradise!)
God's grace is sufficient...even for 'them!'  But I still look forward to the day when 'them' can be changed to 'we,' and we can get even more done for the greater good of the people!  As you go about your day today, pay homage and respect to them that did their best for America on that day, but let us not forget that, in GOD'S eyes, we are all equal!

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