Sunday, December 18, 2022

Christmas in HIS house

I have been blessed for decades to be a "sounding board" to men of God who have felt that that they have had few others that they could REALLY share THEIR hearts with.  As I reflect this day on all those conversations I have had over the years, the following words come to heart...

So early in His house before
the family trickles in.
Talking with Him of the times
and how the week has been.
Praying over every pew
they soon will occupy
to glorify Lord Jesus Christ,
the Son of God Most High!

He is THE reason for the 
decorations that you see.
Yet, too many will show up today
with stress and agony!
"This world" has made this time of year
to cause such pain and dread,
when celebration, awe and wonder
should be at the head!!
For it is Jesus' birthday, but
THIS year a challenge be!
Diseases...incomes...losses and
the warfare globally!
Nonetheless, the Lord remains
then, now and evermore!
Thus, continue we to congregate,
to worship and adore!

For trials and diseases, they
are oh so temporary,
and their effects on Jesus and
eternity be nary!
And He will help His servant to
convey to one and all
that, in spite of everything,
much greater be their call!

Truly, THIS YEAR be a painful one for oh so many of us!  BUT, Jesus is still worthy of celebration!  AND your Pastor or Priest are in need of love and empathy, as well.  Go out of your way this week to let them know how much you appreciate them!  Sure, God takes care of them, but YOU have a duty and an honor to bless them, too!  

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