Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Winter period hurts!  We can't blame it on 'Christmas!'  For 'Christmas' is a time of joy and peace and celebration!  Let us NEVER lose sight of THAT!

'Winter rears its ugly head?'
Depends on who you ask!
Of a truth, 'working' in such
is a daunting task!
But looking out across the landscape
is a sight to see!
There is a brilliant coat of white
on plains and hill and tree!

Yes, winter may be beautiful
and glorious to see,
however, it is also 'painful'
unto such as we!
The cold--it hurts those busy joints
that have seen so much wear.
Let's pray for those who know such pain,
and dread this frigid air!

The season comes and goes, you know,
but CENTRAL Christ remains!
Celebrate Him ANYWAY,
and great will be your gains!
For He is even able to
touch all those 'achy' joints,
as His Blood--all-powerful--
your every pain, anoints!

Yes.  Celebrate Jesus anyway!  And implore Him to heal you and help you to endure the seasons.  HE IS ABLE!  His Blood is THE panacea for anything that afflicts you, and He is ready and willing to answer your prayers!


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