Friday, December 23, 2022

Christmas Assurances!

"Tis the season..."  Yes, Christmas time is upon us!  And the TRUTH of Christmas is of greater need than ever before!  Do YOU know Him?

O joy to all of living
this holy time of year!
For God has sent Himself in Christ-
providing life and cheer!
He knew that we would need a Way
to fellowship with Him!
He hung a Star high in the east
that NEVER shall grow dim!
That Star--His Name is JESUS CHRIST,
and, through trial and woe,
He settled in a manger, humble
and so very low.
Yet wise men of the highest came
to marvel at His birth!
They showed up bearing gifts that, 
in THAT day, could not know worth.
BUT GOD, He knew the worth of each
and every gift they bore!
He knew of the significance
so long, so long before!
And He saw to it that each facet
of His only Son
had a purpose somewhere in
this life--HIS WILL BE DONE!

So, celebrate ye living, knowing
Give Him your heart and life!  See that,
in HIM you are engrossed!
For He is all that matters in
this scheme that we call "Life."
Ask Him to be your Savior and
your blessings will be rife!

Yes, with Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are loved, forgiven, blessed and assured a favored place in this life...AND ETERNITY!
Please don't miss out on that, my friend!

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