Thursday, December 22, 2022

Christmas Approaches!

Ahh...a break from the 'busyness' of business!  "'Tis the season...' for everyone to come in and buy for everyone else!   But the store is in great hands, so I will enjoy this day that my Father created by hand!

My Father starts the day with me.

A few days off have I.
We spend some time over coffee 
as the snowflakes fly!
As we converse, admiring
the beauty of it all,
He speaks to me about this 'season'
and my chosen call.
And He reminds me to remind
but everyone I can
to focus on His Son and not
'traditions' made by man!
His Son, Lord Jesus, shall be honored
right now, OVER ALL!
(Yet, EVERY day that comes our way,
upon HIM, we should call!)
Oh, but in this holy season, with
the issues come to call,
let not our hope and happiness
escape or wane at all!
For He is yet in full control,
and our each step is known!
So, CELEBRATE ye, one and all
HIS birthday--all your own!

There is NO thing above the joy
and wonder of this 'season!
Jesus, Savior, Son of God,
For He will keep you in His care
if you would just allow!
So, all 'distractions,' set aside
and, to the Christ-child, bow!

I have issues in my life.  YOU have issues in your life.  None of them, however, be greater than the celebration that is due unto Jesus Christ alone!!  Enjoy His Presence as you celebrate Him in this holy time!

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