Monday, December 12, 2022

Cause to Celebrate!

CELEBRATE!  CELEBRATE!  Rebuke the stress and pressure that Christmas brings to so many souls!  After all, it's NOT a 'shopping spree' that matters, it is THE Gift that Creator God sends to us from HIS heart!  And THAT, my friend, is cause to celebrate!

A KING IS COME!  The melodies

resound throughout creation!
THE King is come!  Providing, oh,
the greatest of relation!
We scramble here and there for months
seeking gifts for everyone,
when God provides THE GREATEST GIFT-
once and for all--IT'S DONE!

Yea, so grand and glorious be
this most festive season,
but that is due to One alone:
But look at all the stress and pain
that 'Christmas' may induce.
BUT GOD, He meant such not at all
to us to introduce!
For if He had HIS way, joy and
celebration be foremost!
And so it is, beyond THIS life-
in JESUS they're engrossed!
Even stars and planets do,
His Birthday, recognize!
Therefore, they shine and sparkle,
celebrating through the skies!

So come, ye faithful, focus on
God's One and Only Son!
He's gifted US with Jesus Christ,
so, gift ye everyone
with love and mercy, peace that is
beyond all reason known!
And celebrate THE LORD MOST HIGH!
Thus, less stress will be known!

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!  He is worthy of our time ALL THE TME...especially this holy season!  Let the world and its stress and distractions hinder you not from enjoying the TRUE 'Reason for the season!'

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