Sunday, December 25, 2022


The elements are very fickle!  They change with each moment that passes.  And, for some, it creates quite a mess!  BUT GOD is well aware of what you are going through, and He wants You to trust in and cling to Him through it all!  THAT TAKES TRUST AND FAITH!

Cold and ice and snow-

For God is well aware
and helps us cope!
He made the seasons vary as
He loves to create!
And NEVER is one 'bored' who,
unto HIS heart, would relate!
And He desires so that
EVERY heart would do the same,
and such is done so simply:
just call on Jesus' Name!
Do so and your life will change
in every single way,
regardless of the 'season,'
regardless of the 'day!'
Especially in recognizing
His touch all around!
Yes, He is God Creator, and
so easily He's found!
He is The One Who sends His Son
to save us and forgive,
to help us, each and every day,
abundantly, to live!
He even puts a song inside
that NOTHING takes away!
Yea, nothing in THIS temporal life,
that song alive, will sway!
Not even adverse elements-
they only come and go,
but JESUS and His living song
but constantly we'll know!
Even in that Life that waits
beyond now for His Own-
His Presence and His living song
FOREVER shall be known!

Oh, my friends, know Jesus for yourselves even right now!  He will save you, lead you, guide and protect you no matter what earthly 'elements' or situations arise!  THAT'S HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS YOU!  Meet with Him today, won't you?

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