Saturday, December 31, 2022

Angels on Duty

Yes, all about our lives, wherever we are, whomever we are, there are angels on assignment all about us.  Some are visible, most are not, but we are not to focus on them!

Angels are on duty as

we go about our day.
They see to things that go unnoticed
things that, life, would sway!
That which we take for granted, that
to which we give no thought,
are seen to by an army of them,
whose size no man has got!
BUT GOD, He knows the size of it,
and each and every one...
exactly where to place them each
so that the most gets done!
And not always is the 'quantity'
His greatest of concern,
most times, it is the 'quality'
He sees as His return!

Yes, angels, they be everywhere!
Some seen, but most unseen,
lest we should focus on them and
not on The King of Kings!
For Jesus--He is center for
our worship and our praise,
and unto Him alone our hearts
and needs we freely raise!
And all angels, they report to Him,
receive assignments, too!
As HE is worshiped and adored-
all angels have their due!

So, elevate ye, one and all,
the Son of God Most High!
exalt and glorify!
For He will hear your prayers and He
will answer them, also!
(And don't forget sometimes the answer
is 'Not yet' or 'No!')
BUT do not stop praying, as
it is communication
in that great and MOST IMPORTANT
of ANY relation!

Yes, pray to God through Jesus Christ The Son!  Angels have their place and assignment, and they do it well.  BUT they, too, answer to GOD MOST HIGH!  He is so worthy of praise and adoration!

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