Saturday, December 31, 2022

Angels on Duty

Yes, all about our lives, wherever we are, whomever we are, there are angels on assignment all about us.  Some are visible, most are not, but we are not to focus on them!

Angels are on duty as

we go about our day.
They see to things that go unnoticed
things that, life, would sway!
That which we take for granted, that
to which we give no thought,
are seen to by an army of them,
whose size no man has got!
BUT GOD, He knows the size of it,
and each and every one...
exactly where to place them each
so that the most gets done!
And not always is the 'quantity'
His greatest of concern,
most times, it is the 'quality'
He sees as His return!

Yes, angels, they be everywhere!
Some seen, but most unseen,
lest we should focus on them and
not on The King of Kings!
For Jesus--He is center for
our worship and our praise,
and unto Him alone our hearts
and needs we freely raise!
And all angels, they report to Him,
receive assignments, too!
As HE is worshiped and adored-
all angels have their due!

So, elevate ye, one and all,
the Son of God Most High!
exalt and glorify!
For He will hear your prayers and He
will answer them, also!
(And don't forget sometimes the answer
is 'Not yet' or 'No!')
BUT do not stop praying, as
it is communication
in that great and MOST IMPORTANT
of ANY relation!

Yes, pray to God through Jesus Christ The Son!  Angels have their place and assignment, and they do it well.  BUT they, too, answer to GOD MOST HIGH!  He is so worthy of praise and adoration!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Glory Anew!!

The storms have passed for now.  I notice a glow this morning that is so welcome and wonderful!  What a glorious way to start a brand-new day...a brand-new year!  Celebrate it with me, won't you?

As I rise and clear my head,
I notice that the sky is red!
THE SUN IS OUT!!  O praise His Name!
The day--it will not be the same!
The past week has been up-and-down,
from frozen pipes...the rush...the 'brown,!'
BUT NOT TODAY!  The skies are clear,
and 'newness,' it is surely here!
For God, who's newer everyday
would have us see all things HIS way!
And, if we do, the days that come
will not be stressful, bothersome!

Regardless how life may 'appear,'
just know that Jesus, He is here!
And, with Him present through the day,
'success' will surely come your way!
Regardless of the 'temperature'
outside, you can be sure
that God the Father makes it clear

So, lift Him up and make Him center!
Therefore, the stress and dread won't enter
into this time that's meant for Him,
just like the sunlight that won't dim!
You will enjoy it more and more
as you walk out of that door,
or even if you're stuck inside,
praise HIM and you'll be satisfied!

Yes, the Presence of Jesus makes all the difference in the world.  In a crowd...all play...Jesus Christ the Son of God enhances life in ways that nothing or no one else can!  Make Him your Lord and Savior today, won't you?  What a way to start a new year!


That's My Girl!

If you have raised children, you KNOW that they can be a blessing one moment and drive you up the wall the next!  Our daughter was that way.   In fact, we wondered if she would EVER amount to anything at times.  Turns out, she has become THE ONE that checks on us daily and makes sure that we have everything...even when her job takes her all over the country!

There are moments that we come upon 
scattered here and there
when the heart sets everything aside,
just seeming not to care!
This Christmas season seemed to be
one of those moments come...
for ONE set everything aside
and WONDERFUL was our sum!
They took no notice of the 'cost'
to bring joy unto all!
God put upon her heart each gift,
and she obeyed the call!
She looked not at the 'cost' of each,
she looked into the heart!
And what she did made lives about her,
lasting joy, impart!

But 'such' she tries to do each day
at labor and at ease!
And I know the heart of God most High
did she also please!
For it is God Who gave her that heart
before this life was known!
He knew that she would be this way
when she was fully grown!
(Secretly, we had our doubts
about this as she grew!)
But look at what she has become--
for God above, He knew
that moments such as this would come
if we trusted and believed,
therefore, a WOMAN with such heart
my wife and I received!

Yea, so many moments o'er the years
she's blessed our lives and so!
And even to this very day
she makes sure that we know
that she is faithful to provide
if ever we should lack!
There is NO WAY, here in THIS life,
that we could pay her back!

"Thank You, Father God, for giving us a daughter with such an enormous heart!"
"Thank you, Vickilove, for being so selfless and generous!  You are a great blessing, honey!"


Thursday, December 29, 2022

Quality Time

There are too many folks I know who are living their lives to please certain people, while the others who REALLY enjoy them and desire them just take what they can get!  It's a painful thing to see, especially when you KNOW those who are doing it!  AND IT TAKES ALL THE FUN OUT OF IT!

While 'situations' happen
while celebrations roar....
while this life takes up all our time,
another life would soar!
For God ordains a Paradise
where 'time' does not exist.
Where not a thing is pressuring,
no thing is ever missed!

Yes, Heaven is above, and Christ
is there to oversee!
God makes that great Paradise
unsurpassed eternally!
A lot of things are going on
we know not yet about,
and, as long as we know Jesus,
And we will come to know those 'things'
when HE says time has come!
Until that day, in 'situations,'
'grace' will be our sum,
as long as we press on and trust Him
in each 'situation!'
In Heaven and in earth HE is
the GREATEST of relation!

Yea, life--it is not slowing down
or waning in the least.
And, day-by-day, the 'speed' of living
seems to be increased!!
But Jesus Christ, The King, shall be
exalted over all
in celebration and situation, 
'speed' factors not at all!

Some people in this life take a portion of time and say "OK, we are going to take this amount of time and try to get as much done and see as many people as we can."  Where is the 'enjoyment' in that?!  If you are going to do something, make sure you put 'quality' into it.  Otherwise, few will find enjoyment in it, and you will be spent afterwards!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022


It happened!  Today it happened!  WE HAD CHRISTMAS!  HALLELUJAH!  I know, most of the world is already done, however, "life" pre-empted our family gathering this year.  God wasn't surprised.  Nor was He upset.  He knew about all that would hinder it long before we can ever imagine!  And guess what?!  He had just as much fun as we did here in THIS house!

The times and the events of life
sometimes get in the way
of the most-perfect, laid-out plans
that could come man's way!
What happens then?  Do we give up?
Do we 'throw in the towel?'
Sure, it maybe unpleasant,
bring a tear or cause a scowl!
But our days, they are numbered and
our steps are ordered, too!
Our very best with what we have 
is all that we can do!
AND GOD will take care of the rest,
as we allow Him reign!
In fact, with Him in charge of all,
each day shall we see gain!

Yes, Christmas came a little late
for this man and many others.
But I will stick to God's Great Plan
because 'I have my druthers!'
He is in charge.  He knows of all.
And naught surprises Him!
So, we can trust that what He does,
it is NOT 'on a whim!'
He made the stars and set each one
in place where it belongs.
So, I can trust Him, even if
my life, it ain't all songs!
But if we live as HE directs 
that song will surely be!
And you can take THAT to that bank
that lasts eternally!

No, today's celebration did not upset God one bit!  We celebrated Jesus Christ His Holy Son by exchanging presents, breaking bread together, laughing, crying and loving one another.  It is a memory that I will file in that file that is getting bigger and bigger!  (That one my wife swears is disappearing!  LOL!!)

Monday, December 26, 2022

How to Please ALL!

Christmas.  'Seasonal' to most, a way of life for the rest of us.  But have you noticed of late how this 'season' has been so painful and stressful?  It doesn't have to be that way, my dear friend!  Ask God to direct your time and efforts and you will surely please Him, others and yourself!

Oh why, oh Lord, does this, Your Day
now generate such stress?!
The 'pressure' to please 'everyone...'
to go in debt to bless!
To make sure we leave no one out,
to cover all the stops...
afterwards, Lord, we are spent,
and the body drops!!
"Joy to each other!  Bills to come!!"
seems now what most men know!
'See as many as you can,
though some may be left out...'
'do it as quickly as you can,'
is what it's all about!

But what about the GREATEST GIFT:
Time with one another?
That shopping, it be secondary,
for we NEED each other!
Your presence is the present that
most people, they desire.
Keep that in mind and your 'giving'
will be made entire!

God made us to be social,
not with just one, but ALL!
Do your best!  Make effort making,
short, you do not fall!
In loving them that need it most,
'bought' gifts are secondary.
The ones you love, they want your 'time.'
All else may be contrary!

TIME.  The greatest gift we can give one another with the way that life is.  AND IT COSTS SO LITTLE!  Give of YOURSELF this holy season to make memories that matter most of all!


Sunday, December 25, 2022


The elements are very fickle!  They change with each moment that passes.  And, for some, it creates quite a mess!  BUT GOD is well aware of what you are going through, and He wants You to trust in and cling to Him through it all!  THAT TAKES TRUST AND FAITH!

Cold and ice and snow-

For God is well aware
and helps us cope!
He made the seasons vary as
He loves to create!
And NEVER is one 'bored' who,
unto HIS heart, would relate!
And He desires so that
EVERY heart would do the same,
and such is done so simply:
just call on Jesus' Name!
Do so and your life will change
in every single way,
regardless of the 'season,'
regardless of the 'day!'
Especially in recognizing
His touch all around!
Yes, He is God Creator, and
so easily He's found!
He is The One Who sends His Son
to save us and forgive,
to help us, each and every day,
abundantly, to live!
He even puts a song inside
that NOTHING takes away!
Yea, nothing in THIS temporal life,
that song alive, will sway!
Not even adverse elements-
they only come and go,
but JESUS and His living song
but constantly we'll know!
Even in that Life that waits
beyond now for His Own-
His Presence and His living song
FOREVER shall be known!

Oh, my friends, know Jesus for yourselves even right now!  He will save you, lead you, guide and protect you no matter what earthly 'elements' or situations arise!  THAT'S HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS YOU!  Meet with Him today, won't you?

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas 2022

I know that the vision I am beholding is not present EVERYWHERE, but do not let that hinder you from glorifying Jesus Christ on this, HIS BIRTHDAY!!

So beautiful this morning!

So glorious, in spite of the 
'wind chill' that did arrive!
One cannot go out and enjoy
without 'layers' on!
Oh, but it's a glorious sight
that not soon will be gone!
Such hinders not the glory that
is due The Royal King!
We exalt Him all the day,
and, His songs, we sing!
And we glorify The One Who came:
the Gift God sends to all!
JESUS is His Name, and
EVERYONE receives His call!
He came, He lived, He died, He rose
and rules now at God's right!
Let's not confine and relegate Him 
to a 'Silent Night!'

Jesus--He is Savior, Healer,
Listener and Friend,
and He converses with me as
I see what did descend!
He will assist us through it all
as He IS victory!
Behold ye for yourself the awesome
sights in front of me!

The sight out of YOUR window may not be white and frozen, but it is here!  Whatever your 'environs' be, make sure you give JESUS praise and adoration and thanks as you celebrate His birth with the ones you love!  HE IS WORTHY!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2022

Christmas Assurances!

"Tis the season..."  Yes, Christmas time is upon us!  And the TRUTH of Christmas is of greater need than ever before!  Do YOU know Him?

O joy to all of living
this holy time of year!
For God has sent Himself in Christ-
providing life and cheer!
He knew that we would need a Way
to fellowship with Him!
He hung a Star high in the east
that NEVER shall grow dim!
That Star--His Name is JESUS CHRIST,
and, through trial and woe,
He settled in a manger, humble
and so very low.
Yet wise men of the highest came
to marvel at His birth!
They showed up bearing gifts that, 
in THAT day, could not know worth.
BUT GOD, He knew the worth of each
and every gift they bore!
He knew of the significance
so long, so long before!
And He saw to it that each facet
of His only Son
had a purpose somewhere in
this life--HIS WILL BE DONE!

So, celebrate ye living, knowing
Give Him your heart and life!  See that,
in HIM you are engrossed!
For He is all that matters in
this scheme that we call "Life."
Ask Him to be your Savior and
your blessings will be rife!

Yes, with Jesus as your Lord and Savior you are loved, forgiven, blessed and assured a favored place in this life...AND ETERNITY!
Please don't miss out on that, my friend!

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ivory Morning

It's CHRISTMAS time!  A time to rejoice with each other and with Jesus!  In THIS part of the world, that sometimes means that it is very cold and, when we are blessed with it, SNOWY!

The hillsides turned to ivory
as day moves slowly on!
The clouds and wind that brought snow in
are now completely gone!
Nine a.m. shines brilliantly
across the mountain land,
as I have coffee and behold
the workings of His hand!

The cardinals stand out so brightly
as they scour the snow
beneath the feeders that are hanging
from the branches low.
Other trees, the evergreens,
have trunks so very high,
but they are richly verdant as
you look toward the sky!

Father God got out His palette
when the night was here
and dusted all the meadows and 
the mountains that are near!
And now, they shine so vibrantly
in the morning sun-
a sight for every watchful eye
to absolutely stun!

"O thank You, Father, for the present
of another day!
A very precious gift that You,
alone, could e'er convey!
Help us to use it to present You
unto everyone
that happens so to cross our path
before the day is done!"

So glorious and wondrous is the sight of white everywhere you look!  Sure, it may be a 'headache' to some, BUT GOD is a God of variety, and this is just one of the ways He uses to get our attention.  A VERY BEAUTIFUL WAY!


Christmas Approaches!

Ahh...a break from the 'busyness' of business!  "'Tis the season...' for everyone to come in and buy for everyone else!   But the store is in great hands, so I will enjoy this day that my Father created by hand!

My Father starts the day with me.

A few days off have I.
We spend some time over coffee 
as the snowflakes fly!
As we converse, admiring
the beauty of it all,
He speaks to me about this 'season'
and my chosen call.
And He reminds me to remind
but everyone I can
to focus on His Son and not
'traditions' made by man!
His Son, Lord Jesus, shall be honored
right now, OVER ALL!
(Yet, EVERY day that comes our way,
upon HIM, we should call!)
Oh, but in this holy season, with
the issues come to call,
let not our hope and happiness
escape or wane at all!
For He is yet in full control,
and our each step is known!
So, CELEBRATE ye, one and all
HIS birthday--all your own!

There is NO thing above the joy
and wonder of this 'season!
Jesus, Savior, Son of God,
For He will keep you in His care
if you would just allow!
So, all 'distractions,' set aside
and, to the Christ-child, bow!

I have issues in my life.  YOU have issues in your life.  None of them, however, be greater than the celebration that is due unto Jesus Christ alone!!  Enjoy His Presence as you celebrate Him in this holy time!

Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Winter period hurts!  We can't blame it on 'Christmas!'  For 'Christmas' is a time of joy and peace and celebration!  Let us NEVER lose sight of THAT!

'Winter rears its ugly head?'
Depends on who you ask!
Of a truth, 'working' in such
is a daunting task!
But looking out across the landscape
is a sight to see!
There is a brilliant coat of white
on plains and hill and tree!

Yes, winter may be beautiful
and glorious to see,
however, it is also 'painful'
unto such as we!
The cold--it hurts those busy joints
that have seen so much wear.
Let's pray for those who know such pain,
and dread this frigid air!

The season comes and goes, you know,
but CENTRAL Christ remains!
Celebrate Him ANYWAY,
and great will be your gains!
For He is even able to
touch all those 'achy' joints,
as His Blood--all-powerful--
your every pain, anoints!

Yes.  Celebrate Jesus anyway!  And implore Him to heal you and help you to endure the seasons.  HE IS ABLE!  His Blood is THE panacea for anything that afflicts you, and He is ready and willing to answer your prayers!


Monday, December 19, 2022


It seems to be a completely different world once we step out the door during this 'season.'  However, that DOES NOT mean that we have to be a 'completely different' type of person!  May we strive to be even more 'Christ-like' as we go our way in the days that are!

How priceless is the patience that
is necessary so!
Especially THIS time of year
when 'busier' we go!
God, Himself, He took the time
to send His only Son--
preparing every detail knowing
all that would be done!

But what about those times and places
'patience' does not work?
You do your very best and give,
and get treated like a jerk?!
Your works are snubbed, they are ignored,
sometimes, outright trashed!
BUT GOD, He knows your heart, so let
your feelings not get smashed!
Continue on, friend, ever forward,
doing good always;
being patient with all men,
regardless of THEIR ways!
Not everyone you meet each day
is going to be 'kind,'
and folks like that be EVERYWHERE--
so easily to find!
Let not such interrupt the joy
that Jesus is each day!
For He would have you be a light
upon the Narrow Way!

So, in the 'season' of His birth,
let us 'endure' each other.
After all, He made us to
be 'sister' and be 'brother!'

Sure, it's easy to write these words.  It's a whole 'nother thing to LIVE them!  But it is possible, and your Christmas will be all the more joyful if you do!


"Christmas Climate"

Six days away from His Birthday!  We celebrate it even yet with joy, awe and wonder...AND GRATITUDE!  God Most High so generously provides A Savior for all that would turn to Him!

The biting, chilling winter wind-
it seems to cut to bone!
Out across the mountains to
all things, all people known!
It cannot touch, however, that
established long ago:
joy, peace and LIFE to know!

Yes, it is that time creation would
commemorate His birth!
JESUS is the ONLY One
Who gives each soul its worth!
He loves...He lives...He cares...He gives!
He IS 'God in the flesh!'
And He desires that each heart,
with His Own, would enmesh!
He's more than 'gifts beneath a tree,'
He's more than 'season stress!'
He'd have us 'stress out' not at all!
He'd rather have us 'BLESS!'
And 'bless' He does as we submit
to what HE would provide,
and, if we do, we get the most
of ALL that is 'yuletide!'

So 'MERRY CHRISTMAS!' one and all,
Exalting You and praising You
is one thing ALL can afford!
You are holy!  You are wondrous!
Regardless of the 'weather,' oh,
all of creation sings!"

Jesus Christ.  Lord and Savior!  We celebrate His birthday as we go about this time of year!  There are a variety of 'climates' in the places these words will arrive, BUT IT IS STILL HIS TIME OF YEAR!  And He is worthy of ALL praise and adoration!


Sunday, December 18, 2022

Christmas in HIS house

I have been blessed for decades to be a "sounding board" to men of God who have felt that that they have had few others that they could REALLY share THEIR hearts with.  As I reflect this day on all those conversations I have had over the years, the following words come to heart...

So early in His house before
the family trickles in.
Talking with Him of the times
and how the week has been.
Praying over every pew
they soon will occupy
to glorify Lord Jesus Christ,
the Son of God Most High!

He is THE reason for the 
decorations that you see.
Yet, too many will show up today
with stress and agony!
"This world" has made this time of year
to cause such pain and dread,
when celebration, awe and wonder
should be at the head!!
For it is Jesus' birthday, but
THIS year a challenge be!
Diseases...incomes...losses and
the warfare globally!
Nonetheless, the Lord remains
then, now and evermore!
Thus, continue we to congregate,
to worship and adore!

For trials and diseases, they
are oh so temporary,
and their effects on Jesus and
eternity be nary!
And He will help His servant to
convey to one and all
that, in spite of everything,
much greater be their call!

Truly, THIS YEAR be a painful one for oh so many of us!  BUT, Jesus is still worthy of celebration!  AND your Pastor or Priest are in need of love and empathy, as well.  Go out of your way this week to let them know how much you appreciate them!  Sure, God takes care of them, but YOU have a duty and an honor to bless them, too!  

Saturday, December 17, 2022


Yes, this life's necessities.  They are ALL found in one Place: JESUS CHRIST!  Do you know Him as your Savior?  Oh, my friend, if not, you have no idea what you are missing!!

The grace and peace, the joy and love

that NOTHING can prevent!
It flows so freely from The King
that God the Father sent!
It is so necessary in
the days that we go through,
and it helps to make 'the same old thing...'
so wonderful and new!
And that's because His mercies, they
are newer every day!
He IS The Truth!  Abundant life,
the ONE and only way!
He loves, He gives and He makes sure
that we are not without!
In ALL of this life's challenges
He takes away our doubt!

Yes, confidence no thing can touch
as we go through the day!
Confidence as we worship HIM
and, faithfully, we pray!
He hears those words that leave our lips,
and He's faithful to respond!
He takes us safely though this life,
then oh so far beyond!

Yes, Jesus, precious Jesus, so
involved in all we do!
God the Father knows ALL things,
therefore, He also knew
that we would need Christ every day
to communicate with Him.
With Jesus Christ alive within
our hopes shall NEVER dim!

Rejoice in that endless hope today, my friend!  Praise Him aloud and glorify Jesus Christ, God's very Son and our Savior!  In spite of 'this life,' He is alive and well and working in all that is going on!

Friday, December 16, 2022

Jesus IS Celebration!

So many folks I know are dreading this time of year as it conjures up so many painful memories.  It should not be that way, my friend!  It SHOULD be a time of CELEBRATING JESUS CHRIST!  He yet remains the TRUE 'reason for the season!'

It is that time of celebration,
honor, adoration!
Jesus Christ the Lord is come-
mankind's ONLY salvation!
We celebrate with singing, laughter,
gathering and giving!
We celebrate the ONLY ONE
Who gives ETERNAL living!

"O come ye quickly, even now,
O Savior, Lord and king!
For You are foremost at this time,
beyond all EVERYTHING!
Beyond all 'merchandising,' yea,
beyond conflict and strife,
beyond the 'busyness' that so
afflicts all daily life!

Jesus, Jesus, Son of God,
God the Son forever!
The celebrations of YOU, Lord,
no 'thing' shall ever sever!!
We treasure them!  We treasure YOU,
this time AND every day!
Regardless of the 'season' You're

We celebrate Your birth!
You give our living 'worth!'
Your love envelopes all!
You are life's wherewithal!"

Yes, Jesus is THE cause for celebration at this time of year...AND EVERY DAY WE LIVE!  Know The Truth of Him for yourself, my friend, and He will give you cause to celebrate but every day of the year!


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

That Necessary Joy!

Yes!  There is a Joy that is so necessary in this world in the days that are, and God Most High Provides it!  His Name is JESUS, and even the heavens sing of His glory and wonder!  Won't YOU join in?

O sing ye out with jubilance!
Yea, come ye, one and all!
Him Who is the King of Love
is come!  Before Him fall!
Give unto Him due adoration
at this time of year,
and He will assure that you prosper
as long as you are here!!

O but sing ye out with jubilance
REGARDLESS of the time!
His holiness is stellar and
His love, it is sublime!
And He is worthy of all praise
and exaltation, too,
in this, the Christmas 'season,' yes,
and all the whole year through!

Sing ye, one and all, to JESUS,
Lord and Master, too!
His birth, it so commemorates
peace, mercy, life anew!
He knows us, each and every one,
our future, thoughts and deeds,
and He is able and concerned
about our wants and needs!

Yea, sing ye people!  He is worthy
of all joy, all song!
His love, it will remain, (for some,)
but for forever long!
And THIS world, at this moment needs
That Joy which CANNOT end,
and it is found in Christ alone,
our Savior, Lord and Friend! 

Oh, that glorious song!  It is so alive in millions and millions of men and angels!  But it yet awaits to be awakened in many others!  Share that Living Song wherever you go these days!  If there is one certainty common throughout this world, it be the need for His Hope, Assurance and Joy!

Monday, December 12, 2022

Cause to Celebrate!

CELEBRATE!  CELEBRATE!  Rebuke the stress and pressure that Christmas brings to so many souls!  After all, it's NOT a 'shopping spree' that matters, it is THE Gift that Creator God sends to us from HIS heart!  And THAT, my friend, is cause to celebrate!

A KING IS COME!  The melodies

resound throughout creation!
THE King is come!  Providing, oh,
the greatest of relation!
We scramble here and there for months
seeking gifts for everyone,
when God provides THE GREATEST GIFT-
once and for all--IT'S DONE!

Yea, so grand and glorious be
this most festive season,
but that is due to One alone:
But look at all the stress and pain
that 'Christmas' may induce.
BUT GOD, He meant such not at all
to us to introduce!
For if He had HIS way, joy and
celebration be foremost!
And so it is, beyond THIS life-
in JESUS they're engrossed!
Even stars and planets do,
His Birthday, recognize!
Therefore, they shine and sparkle,
celebrating through the skies!

So come, ye faithful, focus on
God's One and Only Son!
He's gifted US with Jesus Christ,
so, gift ye everyone
with love and mercy, peace that is
beyond all reason known!
And celebrate THE LORD MOST HIGH!
Thus, less stress will be known!

JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!  He is worthy of our time ALL THE TME...especially this holy season!  Let the world and its stress and distractions hinder you not from enjoying the TRUE 'Reason for the season!'

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Speaking of 'pain...'

Getting older.  WHAT?!  NO WAY!  Say it isn't so!  Truth is, however, that these bodies were not made to last forever!  When I was hired at the restaurant, (in the last century!) I would go begin my shift in the mornings waiting on folks and catering to "The Coffee Crew," that group of 'older' people who would come in for the free refills and talk about everything.  I used to hear them tell of how their bodies would hurt when the weather turned colder.  I DON'T LAUGH ANYMORE!  (Not that I'm 'old,' of course!)

Some days, the 'things' that worked so well,
(to which we gave no thought,)
some have to put some effort into
that which we still have got!
I heard of folks speak of 'stuff' like this
long past down at the store.
I used to laugh and chuckle THEN.

I never thought my body, a
'barometer' would become,
but, as one ages, day-by-day, 
that 'truth' becomes the sum!
There is pain in places that you thought
would NEVER be at all!
However, in spite of life's 'affects,'
'good' is my wherewithal!

Yes, life hurts!  However, life is good,
and these bodies will not last.
Do all you can as long as you can
until the Trumpet Blast!
A PERFECT BODY, at that time,
receive we, one and all-
we who serve the Risen Lord
and follow His great Call!

Yes, 'life' is painful at times, BUT IT IS STILL GOOD!  If YOU are in pain, remember that Jesus fully understands it!  His arms are never too short to embrace you, and His Promises of the next life will more than compensate for it!  TRUST HIM!

Friday, December 9, 2022


'Tis the season.  THIS 'season' only?  NEVER!  We have HOPE in Jesus THIS season and CONSTANTLY!  See to it, my friend, that YOUR soul has that constant hope!

There is a settled 'Hope' that 'life'

or living can't affect!
'Twas set in place before all time
by life's own Architect!
It is a hope to which we cling
with every moment passing,
and it gains value, more and more,
with all that is amassing!
God placed that 'hope' in every heart,
but them that know the Lord
draw from that hope but every moment
and we are restored!
As most of daily life attempts
to steal that guarantee,
God Himself has sealed our fate,
regardless come what be!

We are so very blessed, we are,
but even in THIS day!
His grace, love and serenity
guards us in every way!
For things WILL happen in our lives
we will NOT understand;
they may be painful or unfair,
BUT we stay in His hand!
And therein lies that HOPE that THIS LIFE
cannot even touch!
Those 'situations' that arise,
for He is there for such!
We are protected and secured
by a Crimson Thread:
that 'One' that vows, into His
Paradise, we shall be led!

That Crimson Thread.  HIS NAME IS JESUS!  And He is available for any and all that call upon His Name!  This being His birthday, what greater Gift than to ask Him into your heart and follow His secure lead?

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

December 7, 1941

A generation ago, in a complete surprise, there was an attack on one of the most beautiful places on earth.  That attack threw us into a world war that was already raging throughout Europe.  It also did something psychological to Americans: it made us suspicious of a certain race of people.  Time would tell, however, that a majority of 'those' people had nothing to do with it, nor did they want to.  So, what did we do to them?  We interred them, stripped them of their rights, and caused a complete generation to look down upon them...all due to the actions of a few thousand people!  I lived in Hawaii for a few years over 50 years ago, about 24 years after that attack, and the Japanese folks there when I was there were owners...even some of dad's employees in the machine shop at Pearl Harbor.  In fact, they were the first ones on the spot whenever daddy needed help, and they were the last ones we  saw when we were at the airport on or way back to the states!
Today, they live all throughout our nation, throughout the world, and they are some of the kindest folks you could ever meet!  So where do we put December 7, 1941 in our history?  Surely, it was the start of a painful period for America!  Surely, the President said that it 'would be a day that would live in infamy.'
However, we are resilient, and some of my best friends today are Japanese or Hawaiian!  So, where do you filter that into "celebrating" Pearl Harbor Day each year?  We DON'T 'celebrate' it, we 'commemorate' it and remember those who 'gave their all' defending this country!  I still know some that haven't forgiven them.  JESUS SAYS THAT WE MUST, if we are ever to progress at all.  That may not take away the sting...the pain...the anger that I see even yet to this day.  (Though not on the scale I saw back when I was a 7-yr old living in paradise!)
God's grace is sufficient...even for 'them!'  But I still look forward to the day when 'them' can be changed to 'we,' and we can get even more done for the greater good of the people!  As you go about your day today, pay homage and respect to them that did their best for America on that day, but let us not forget that, in GOD'S eyes, we are all equal!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Try as hard as it may, THIS LIFE will make every attempt to spoil the wonder, the glory and joy of Christmas!  It has attempted to since He was born!  BUT HE IS WORTHY!  It's NOT how much we do or do not get from whomever that matters, it is what God has done for one and all that SHOULD be central!

Celebrate!  Oh, celebrate

ye living, here and above!
The stars, themselves, bear witness as
is born the King of love!
They went through trials, even then,
to bring about His birth!
establishing OUR worth!

So, take not lightly "CHRISTMAS," ye!
Let not a thing distract!
Regardless of 'world controversary,'
unto GOD, react!
Too many are the pressures that
some find this time of year,
BUT GOD would have us celebrate
and be of yuletide cheer!
If even all creation can
identify this 'season,'
then, surely, we can make the effort--
it takes no 'costly' reason!!
He oversees our every move,
our each path to direct,
and sees to our successes--even
when we don't expect!!

Give homage to His birth!
For due alone His birth and Blood
does this life know any worth!!
Sing His Life everywhere you go!
Give thanks that do not end!
Your 'Christmastime' will then become
more valuable to spend!!

Yes, THIS world will make every attempt to spoil HIS celebration.  DON'T LET IT!  He is worthy of praise and adoration, and YOU NEED to spend it with Him!

Friday, December 2, 2022

Back to JOY!!

Being a 'watcher' of people in public places, I see and hear so much pain going on in a season that is SUPPOSED to be 'joy and peace!'  For so many years now, we have tried to bless one another with what everyone desires and wants...and, for a lot of folks, that has become quite difficult and painful...especially THIS year!!

So many stressing out this Christmas

due 'income' alone!
Of a truth, it's been a challenge
this year--that's well-known!
So many types of 'losses' have touched
EVERY family!
To say "It's been a 'normal' year"
is pure hyperbole!
Incomes--they have been affected.
He gives so freely to the one who,
in His grace, abides!
In spite of situation, season, 
or what this world throws,
a break from every stress that be,
my Father, He bestows!

Not a 'shopping spree!
It is a time to honor Jesus,
friends and family!
A time to get together and
reflect on how we're blessed.
So, let's refrain from 'the contest'
of 'who can give the best!'
Too many are the stresses that
arise this time of year,
then to add "How much I HAVE to spend'
negates the yuletide cheer!

We must get back to 'basics' and
refocus on The Lord.
For He's the ONE and PERFECT gift
that ALL men can afford!

Yes, let our prayer in the following weeks be 'Lord, how can we bless YOU better,' and, perhaps, that will relieve some of the stress and actual pain that some are feeling!