Wednesday, November 16, 2022


There is a major corporation in town that has hired me because they have noticed how more and more retail chains are moving toward 'self-checkout.'  I have a job because they wat REAL PEOPLE in their self-checkout areas to assist customers so that they don't have to feel like they are being served by 'mere machines!'  GOD BLESS THEM!!!

Where have gone the values we

have valued oh so much?
Did they start to diminish when
we strayed from 'human touch?'
So long ago, WE HAD TO LOOK 
into each other's eyes!
Now, we use a keyboard and, viola!
Results we realize!
But do 'results' and 'products' that
just 'show up at our door'
negate the 'human' element
that we're so longing for?
And when we get 'out in the world'
we are without a clue!
I'm sure that's what 'technology,'
it WASN'T meant to do!!
For God, He so created us
to be with one another...
to see that we treat everyone
as sister and as brother...
to fellowship IN PERSON with
but anyone at all,
thus, KNOWING the FEELINGS and the mores--
such is our greatest call!

So how far back must any go
to reestablish TRUST?
Being HUMAN to each other-
it has become a MUST!
For too much is at stake, my friend,
Oh, let's get back to 'humanness'
before disaster be!!

Yes, we live in such a 'convenient' world.  But look at what it has cost us!!  People barely know anymore how to associate and communicate with one another FACE-TO-FACE!  Is this 'wonderful technology' we've come to know and love worth all that?!  It's time for introspection!

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