Tuesday, November 29, 2022

'Unseasonable' Mercy!

Yes, that's what you could term the weather on this late November day!  And so beautiful, as well!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  And, as it just so happens, my employer has me scheduled OUTSIDE taking care of pick-ups and deliveries coming in!  I AM SO BLESSED!

Winter's being merciful
to us this afternoon.
December's knocking on the door,
yet, it feels like June!
What will be the cost of THIS
when Christmastime is here?
The thought of such as I enjoy THIS
strikes a little fear!

Such thought, though, it be fleeting, as
we savor sunny skies
and all the color that remain that,
the wind, defies!
And the temp--unseasonable,
but so appreciated,
as we look forward and prepare
for when He's celebrated!

Surely do we honor and
exalt Him EVERY DAY...
and thank Him ever-constantly
for His every way!
But December takes us to a place
where HE is front-and-center
in the world--and in the hearts
who let Him freely enter!

Yes, winter's showing mercy on
this most glorious of days!
And it be fit for one and all
to stop and give Him praise
anywhere throughout this day
that He creates by hand
and spreads so very bountifully
across the open land!

Unseasonably warm it be for today.  ENJOY IT!  For we know that all good things, even THIS KIND of weather, must come to an end!  They said it will be a few days from now, so let us savor and enjoy the glorious sights of His creation...before it all turns white!


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