Friday, November 11, 2022


Veteran's Day, 2022.  The older I get, the more admiration and gratitude have I for all of you that can say "I AM A VETERAN!"  They wouldn't take me, but I surely tried!

You went where this man could not go...
did things I could not do!
You saw things I would rather not...
sometimes, it damaged you!
You came back stronger than you were,
and now, you lead the way!
We look to you with gratitude,
respect in every way!

Some of you, though, have 'come back' home,
but you have not 'returned;'
and the trauma you go through,
just recently, we've learned.
You have our admiration,
thankfulness and our respect.
And many of us, EVERY day,
FOR YOU, our prayers reflect!

But on THIS day, an entire nation,
we reflect on you!
And we want you to know we're grateful
for all the things you do
in defense of this great nation-
at home and abroad-
you were faithful and obedient,
no matter where the sod!

So THANK YOU, all ye personnel
who answered to THE CALL!
God bless you and protect you and
your families--one and all!
For we appreciate you more
than words could ever tell,
as we are aware that MOST of you
have already been through hell!

Yes, THANK YOU to each and every military veteran that these words can reach!  And if any of you know one that cannot read these words, please share it with them for me.  FOR US!  For without YOU, I could not be FREE to write these words!  GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!


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