Sunday, November 6, 2022


Sunset.  The trees of November are silhouetted against the darkening sky as I gaze out of my office toward the east.  God's great creation in His perfect cycle.  What a glorious sight!

Shadows, they are lengthening
as day starts to unwind.
God makes sure that a place of peace
this man can truly find!
Of course, that place contains a view
of His great creation,
and the presence of my wife-
what a glorious relation!!
She sees to it that I have a place
of peace and luxury,
made of the many blessings He's
provided such as we!
And she joins me as we watch the day
come to such peaceful end!
She is a gift out of His hand:
a lover, partner and friend!
For almost 41 years now,
she's been such unto me!
And He provides all other things
that be 'necessity.'
Too, He provides those 'luxuries'
that our hearts may desire.
He is a Friend that leaves us not-
so rare in times so dire!

Yea, though shadows lengthen, in HIM,
we've not any fear!
We do our best to keep on going,
AND DO SO, with Him near!
And right now, light is almost gone,
but Light have we got ever!
That 'three-fold' cord we've come to know,
nothing at all may sever!

I certainly hope that YOU can relate to that!  God provides incredible scenery to inspire the pen of this man, and the gift that I call 'wife' makes sure I have time to record it all for you good folks to enjoy!  God bless you all!

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