Friday, November 4, 2022

The worth of your labors!

GOD'S WAYS ARE HIGHER AND GREATER THAN MAN'S WAYS!  Those of us who belong to God can go through life and cling to this precious truth!  In doing so, we can trust HIM for satisfaction, and not a corporation...a owner...or ANYONE!

"Oh God, for we belong to You
as You have sealed our fate!
The Blood of Jesus You provide-
none other is so great!
In HIM we have approval, we have
confidence, as well!
Such helps us, with the stresses of
THIS life, to amply quell!

Though labor may place on us great
though 'upper management' demands
though such seems insurmountable
here in this day and age,
YOU provide us with a peace
that helps avoid all rage!

Yea, Lord, if we would see YOU as
our manager or boss,
we are enabled for the task
and naught shall be our loss!
No 'business' or 'assignment' is
so great that we breathe not!
And we draw from Your 'perfect peace'
whenever we feel 'distraught!!'

That which we set our hands to do,
we do as unto YOU!
Such ensures that VICTORY
will be when we are through!
And those above us in positions
will answer unto YOU,
should they expect too much of us
than, physically, we can do!"

When the tasks begin to mount and attempt to overtake, GIVE THEM TO JESUS!  If you have a supervisor that cannot understand that, then they are not worthy of you or your abilities!  REALIZE THIS TRUTH and move into what God has next for you!  I promise you, HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!

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