Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Road

Each and every one of us get up and go a different direction each day.  However, whether you know it or not, we are all on the SAME road.  Our actions on that road determine our future...

The road to where I'm going isn't
'boring' in any way!
For it contains the challenges
that come with each new day.
I MUST attend unto this route
with each sense I contain.
For each man is out on this route-
and it NEVER 'plain!'

The journey--it contains some wonder
hard to understand.
Too, it has many sights that He
constructs with His Own hand!
For they fill the 'peripheral' 
of my focal point,
and each and every one of them
my Father would anoint!

At every opportunity
I'm glancing here and there
finding His great fingerprints
utterly everywhere!
As I drive on, the ocean crashes
just off to my west.
Yet, on the right, the mountains soar!
All the while, upon the road,
the gamut is of life:
joy and gladness...utter boredom...
ecstasy and strife!

So, on the road that YOU are on,
find wonder everywhere,
as, most of the others in this world
look for their OWN care!

The road of Life.  Each of us is on it.  Each destination differs, BUT GOD has anointed the final destination!  It is up to each of us to choose HIS route!  If we do, the road becomes all the more exciting, as He will provide us with opportunity to help one another MOVE FORWARD...even if that means STOPPING COMPLETELY so one can heal and be able to move on!  Are YOU willing to heed HIS call?


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