Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Priceless Gift that She Is!

Life is busy!  Life can be too consuming for a relationship to last!  I have seen that in too many lives of folks we love!  But know ye this: THIS LIFE is NOT worth sacrificing one who has sacrificed so much for you!  Over 41 years ago...

Setting everything aside
to do what matters most.
There are so many things of which,
so proudly, I may boast!
But one is on my heart today,
(and most time at all!)
over forty and one years ago
she answered this man's call!
Today, we celebrate our love
that God Himself ordained!
Through good and bad...trial and triumph,
at my side she's remained!
She never has required much,
and, with each year to pass,
gifting her with something better
challenges this ass!
For my wallet cannot give her what
she needs and she deserves,
yet, with each day that we go through,
so faithfully, she serves!

For she has earned so many 'titles'
that define 'just wife!'
She gets me where I need to be
and makes sure I look great,
and ALWAYS places herself 'second'
so ME they celebrate!

There is no way...there are no words,
her value to describe!
For though I be a 'man of words,'
I'm but a lowly 'scribe'
when it comes to saying what
a priceless gift she be!
Maybe, one day, I'll grow up
and those words will come to me!

Trust me.  Having someone in your life who will go through ANYTHING with you and even help you recover, (though she has plenty of struggles herself!) is a gift from God that you better take care of!  God bless you and protect you when you find yours.  I KNOW that I have found mine!

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