Friday, November 4, 2022

The Morning Discussion

It is always just takes a trained ear to capture it!  It goes on all around us, and we must only MAKE the time to listen...

The animals and deer converse
about the sunny day!
The birds join the discussion with
all that they have to say!
They are probably complaining that
the food is getting low
in the feeders I have placed
as they go to-and-fro!

I enjoy their antics, then
I must be on my way.
I am expecting several trucks
overdue today.
With all that's going on, the shelves
are getting kinda low-
they must be full lest our clients,
somewhere else, will go!

For God has blessed us with a base
of faithful clientele.
'Anywhere' has business and ours,
for it has been quite well!
The favor of the Lord--it is
appreciated so,
and HIS favor, it keeps us busy,
this I truly know!

For I will dwell upon the blessings
right before my eyes
as I take care of customers
who choose to patronize
my place of business through the day
until, here, I return
to watch his critters entertain
in the sunset burn!

The day is before me.  God has already ordered my steps.  He knows what will and what will not happen, so I just have to follow His lead to obtain another successful day!  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!


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