Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Yes, that day each November when we stop to give God thanks for WHO HE IS and all that He has done for us!  For some of us, 'thanksgiving' is an every-day event!  Oh, that this 'world' would see it that way!

The last week of November
with weather 'up and down!'
Last week, two layers of clothing were
required to move around!
Today, though, only short-sleeves HERE
are sufficing for the day
as folks gather all over the country
and send our thanks His way!

Yes, there is so much to be grateful for
as we reflect on such!
And most of it, it is provided
by Jesus and His touch!
For there is no way this man would know
the success that we enjoy,
unless submission to the Savior,
DAILY we employ!!
For God, He sees to it that we
have all we ever NEED!
He even sees to our DESIRES,
and blesses as we heed!
He is so very generous
to ALL who call His Name!
Oh, since this man got 'born-again,'
life's never been the same!!
And YOU can have the very same
to make it through each day
if you ask Jesus into your heart,
and live your life HIS WAY!
For 'Thanksgiving' will have a whole new meaning
each and every day,
as, in every part of your life,
Christ will be on display!

So...what is it that YOU are grateful for this day?  Is it just a 'day off from work that you still get paid for,' or is it an actual heart-change that affects your every moment?

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