Saturday, November 5, 2022

Sunday, Precious Sunday!!

Yes, that's the best way to look at this day...ESPECIALLY if you are a believer!  For it is one of the days in the week when we can refresh, refill and be reminded of all that He has promised us!  DON'T MISS OUT!!

Sunday, Sunday...getting ready

for His holy Place!
Looking forward to such peace,
compassion, mercy and grace!
There is a message from The Lord
awaiting for to share,
and there are people of like-mind
who love, who give, who care!!

Six days we've spent out in a world
that 'seems' to have its way.
Though we KNOW God is in control
and has the final say,
we NEED that fellowship with
one another whom we love
if we are going to 'progress,' 
move on and rise above!
But what we need the very most
is gathering IN HIS NAME,
giving God all glory and
receiving from the same!
Our faith--it is reciprocal:
we give and we receive;
oh, but HE gives most of all,
I know and I believe!!

So, rise up!  Look up!  Take your hopes
and dreams into HIS home!
He'll keep them safe!  He will fulfill them!
You'll NOT have to roam!
He will give you all you need
to press on and excel!
The One Who loves gives more than all-
your every step will tell!

Yes, THE ONE WHO GIVES!  He is awaiting you in His holy house!  Take to Him all your dreams, your cares, your fears and your expectations and He will help you sort them out in such a way that you will arrive victoriously!  I PROMISE!

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