Friday, November 18, 2022


I have been in 'public service' for over 45 years now, most of that in 'customer service.'  I have seen quite a bit, and what I see of late I BELIEVE is detrimental to our very core!  Could THIS be why the growth in popularity of 'mail order' and 'food delivery' is skyrocketing?!

What happens if I raise my voice
when I talk with you?
Will you excuse me from your presence
with nothing more to do?
What if I show 'expressions' that
cause you to disagree?
Do you 'cut me off' and make sure
it's the last you see of me?
Too often, in these 'successful ages-'
the very times we're in,
folks 'pick-and-choose' those situations
common to all men!
If I can't 'be myself,' expressing
my heart and emotion,
we might as well become 'robots!'

For God MADE US 'emotional'
for reasons, one and all!
He appreciates our 'differences'
and uses them to call!
I may not 'fit the mold' that YOU
have placed this person in,
however, in the sight of God,
I stand firm among all men!

Yes, each of us are different...
while we all remain the same!
You be yourself, I will be me,
and we'll glorify His Name!
However, we must 'put up with'
our shortcomings--one and all,
if we are to 'get along,'
accomplishing His Call!

This man has seen too many relationships end because of a disagreement...a dispute...or something as simple as 'the wrong tone of voice!'  C'mon, people!  Let's give each other space to be ourselves!  THEN we can get to know one another for who we are, and not for who 'we think each other SHOULD be!'


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