Thursday, November 10, 2022

Peace through everything!

PEACE.  We talk about it, we desire it.  We seek it.  And Peace is available!  Man must only learn to set himself aside and allow God's perfect work go on.  For some, that is quite challenging!  Especially in a land that promotes 'freedom!'

Freedom!  Yes, thank God we're free
to do as we would choose!
There are so many lands we see
but daily on 'the news'
where 'freedom,' it is but a dream
that SOME never obtain!
In order to be 'free', however,
someone must lose gain!
Therein lies the absence of
that PEACE we all desire!
But is that THAT really an exchange
that we must require?
And CAN we have a certain 'peace'
if we're not TRULY free?
For such is a debate that's gone on
long 'fore you and me!

Ah, but there's a Peace I know
that NOTHING can affect!
It is provided by The Lord,
upon such I reflect!
And I reside inside the same
but all throughout the day!
It is availed unto the heart-
no matter what men say!
And You can take it deep inside
as YOU yield to His call!
That 'peace that passes understanding,'
for such, Christ gave His all!

Yes, my friend, there IS a 'peace' that can be enjoyed regardless what this life would hold.  YOU, however, must 'activate' it in your own life by giving your soul to Jesus!  You will NEVER regret it!

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