Monday, November 28, 2022

Part of a Select Few!

As I ponder life this day, I realize that I am in a very select group of men!  For God saw fit to create a woman who could endure almost anything...and continue to love me!  PRAISE GOD!

How many are the fortunate
that celebrate a love
that's lasted over forty years
and still 'fits like a glove?'
We are so very blessed, we are,
THIS day and every one!
She still remains the gift from God,
she still gets all things done!
But we can only boast of such
because of GOD MOST HIGH!
He KNEW that we would need each other
as the years passed by!
He's filled those years with love for
one another, every day,
and blessed us with great memories
but all along the way!

No looking back...but at all of
the good that God has done
in helping us to make sure we
keep each other #1!
He's shown us sights we won't forget,
and times that sealed our love;
and He protects us, every moment,
from His throne above!
Not every day is 'paradise,'
but this I know so well:
in good and bad, for better or worse,
love ALWAYS we can tell!

So, trust Him, each and every moment,
as we trust each other!
Have God secure YOUR marriage and
there will never be another!

41 years.  A milestone for 'marriage' in the days in which we live!  I am so blessed to have her as my wife!  She has weathered the weather with me...regardless of the 'climate!'  Again, I AM A VERY BLESSED AND FORTUNATE MAN!  AND GOD IS SO GOOD!


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