Sunday, November 27, 2022


A lot of 'things' go on in our lives that we have no control over.  There is, however, ONE thing that we can say for CERTAIN about them: GOD KNOWS ALL ABOUT!  And He will NEVER abandon us!

'When I cannot see 'hope,' oh Lord,
You put it in plain sight!
When there is nothing positive,
in YOU, I take delight!
When life, it is frustrating me,
You help me sort it out,
and make sure I have plenty that
I can take joy about!

The pain the happened yesterday,
today I greatly feel.
But You embrace me with Your arms
as, to You, I appeal.
For You are greater far than
agony or all distress!
You chase away the demons and,
my life, You greatly bless!

I CANNOT make it through the day
without Your Presence, Lord.
Therefore, success becomes a way
of life, (and never bored!')
Life gives and takes--for this is true,
but Lord, when I 'belong,'
ANYTHING that happens just
contributes to Your song!

The happenings each day
God uses His own way!
And WE benefit the most!
Thus, in HIM, may we boast!

Oh, that everlasting 'hope' that we have in Jesus Christ!  No one or nothing will EVER take it away!  No sickness, disease, affliction or trial will EVER affect that hope!  In fact, it is THAT HOPE that gets us through all of them!
"Thank You, Jesus, for the HOPE that You are!"


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