Tuesday, November 22, 2022

MAKING the Time

Once again, BUSY...BUSY...BUSY!  There comes a point, however, in EVERYONE'S day that you must STOP, stand back, and take a deep breath.  God Most High provides those times, IF we pay attention to Him!

Going to that secret place

where only God can find me.
Absent there be everything
that would attempt to bind me!
Lately, I must visit this place
more than I used to!
Receive I peace, instruction there
on what I'm supposed to do.
For God, He sees how THIS LIFE has
accelerated so!
He's also seen the 'downhill slide'
that 'living' seems to go!
Thus, He provides escape from it,
(though momentarily,)
and let's me stay here for as long
as it may take for me!
There is no 'schedule' here, no 'deadline'
none to tell me 'HURRY UP!'
He returns me when WE are certain,
and FILLED UP is my cup!

For all MUST know this 'secret place'
to make it through 'these days!'
As 'man' has made it difficult
to live The Father's ways!
He saw THAT coming, too, therefore
to ALL does He provide
a 'secret place' where you and God
can conquer and divide!

No, my friend, THIS life shows no signs of slowing down.  Unfortunately, 'people' are showing no signs of such, either!  We MUST cling to Jesus and follow HIS lead if we are going to see any success or relief at all!  

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