Thursday, November 17, 2022

Loosening her grip...

Time goes by.  One of the greatest types of evidence of said truth be the glory of the land around you as you look about!  What?!  You don't have time for that??  Oh, brother, you don't know what you're missing!

Autumn's losing ground in her
attempts to keep her beauty...
winter's interfering, doing
his most chilling duty!
Several colors yet remain,
but they are joined by white!
And, in the temperature today,
so few would take delight!!
BUT GOD, He is yet in control,
and, in HIM, we delight
as we look out over the mountains,
taking in the sight!

Vestiges of autumn remain,
(though few and far between;)
and even open pastures yet
contain a little green.
We savor such while knowing, 
too soon, such will disappear.
All the while, we pray this winter
will not be too severe!

For God, He joins us as I watch,
describing His creation.
With each other we converse
without reservation!
For I can tell Him anything
and KNOW He will respond.
So precious and so valuable
is our loving bond!
For it is through the Lord alone-
the Savior of my soul!
For REGARDLESS what the 'season' be,
He ever keeps us whole!

God is so good!  God is so incredible...whatever 'season' it is!  As you commit yourself to be grounded IN HIM, He will find incredible ways for you to find the good, the worth and the beauty in every time and situation!  HE IS ALL-WISE!


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