Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Yes, leftovers.  As I gaze out across the acres today, I realize that there are very few of them left clinging to the trees!  Autumn was glorious, as usual, and God receives all praise for that!  Too, He is being glorified this day as we converse about the view!

The trees across the land abound,
though so few leaves remain!
The evergreens step up to make
the scenery 'unplain!'
November winds, they sweep the land
and scatter them about;
some folks, they see their land and they
exasperate a shout!
However, it's a treat for him
with pen and pad in hand,
as I can paint a landscape, 
no matter how bare the land!
For God, He fills my palette with
the words that need to be
to make to reader 'feel' the land
and cause the eyes to see!

"Thank You, Father, for this gift
You gave so long ago,
that helps me to relate Yourself
so others, they may know
about You and the workings of
Your great and mighty hand
that happen ever-constantly
but all across the land!
You are so very generous
in giving words to me
that communicate You and
your creations that be!
I am so blessed, Almighty God,
to curry Your great favor!
Oh take the words that come from me
and draw men to Your Savior!"

Yes, my friends, if it were not for the Spirit of God within me, none of these words would make any sense at all!  However, BECAUSE He has blessed me, I am able to capture Him and His creations in ways you can understand.  ALL glory goes to Him alone!


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