Thursday, November 3, 2022


All the while we go about whatever it is we are doing...all the while the TV and politics are ranting and raving...even while I am going through this wretched pain, there is a festival happening like none other!

The heavenlies are celebrating
Jesus Christ the King!
Voices come from everywhere,
incessantly to sing!
It is a ceremony that
is not like any other,
and we will join them in the air
if we are 'sister, and 'brother!'

For even as we go about
and do what we do best,
He is enthroned in majesty
amidst the glory-fest!
But we must wait until That Day
already long-ordained,
before OUR eyes catch sight of what
eternity has contained!
And while Heaven celebrates His glory,
He goes about our lives
bringing victory and seeing
everyone arrives!
His desire is that EVERYONE
will join Him There
and savor living evermore,
perfection everywhere!!
Especially the celebration
always going on,
and worship of His holiness
not ever will be gone!!
For He is worthy of it all
as He is GOD THE SON!
For when THIS life is not at all,
He'll still be #1!!

Join me in that yonder celebration, won't you?  And you don't even have to wait until you get there!  For He is worthy of your adoration EVEN RIGHT NOW!  Do not miss out, my friend!


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