Tuesday, November 1, 2022


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel that NO ONE understands or has an answer for?  I assure you, even with all of the adversity that we face at times, JESUS UNDERSTANDS!  And He will ALWAYS respond to your call!

All I can do this afternoon

is cry out unto God!
These 'tragedies' continuing,
so long ago seemed 'odd!'
But in the days that are, it seems
they happen more and more;
and lives and friends and loved ones, they
are critical and sore!
Between 'disasters,' 'violence,'
and just plain 'craziness
there are families everywhere
whose lives become a mess
because another's life was taken
that they held so dear--
such pain and sorrow take so long,
if ever, to disappear!
Were it not for God Most High,
The Comforter we know,
some of us could function not;
much less, further, go!!

About us and around the world
such pain is taking place.
Pain of every sort at all,
BUT NONE above His grace!
Yes, call on Jesus Christ the Lord
for what YOU'RE going through.
For God has sent His Son for all
that's happening to you!
He listens AND He understands
of His abundant care;
His comfort and His consolation,
He will freely share!!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR PAIN AND FRUSTRATION!  We all go through it.  Different levels at different times...BUT it is still frustrating.  It is hard to fathom that there is ONE to turn to in ANY and EVERY situation, BUT THERE IS!  His name is Jesus, and His open, healing arms are waiting for you, always available!

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