Saturday, November 19, 2022

If ever there was a time...

If there was ever a time that this world needed Jesus, IT IS RIGHT NOW!  Just look around.  Listen.  Watch and see how desperate the cry is for Someone Who has all the right answers!  His Name is JESUS!

As He walked those years ago amongst us,
our Jesus did so much!
Not ever did He pass an
opportunity to 'touch!'
For He fulfilled millenniums 
of Scripture that were written.
In conversation or confrontation
He was NEVER smitten!
And the love and wisdom He expressed,
it's yet alive today!
He and His words are all we need
as we go on our way!

He is not always 'popular'
in places we may go,
but, to have victory EVERYWHERE
He's necessary so!
And His Presence is not limited
unto those Words that thrive,
EVERYWHERE we go these days
He is present and alive!!
And He prefers we prosper and
stay well in His great love;
even reaching out to others,
pointing them above!
But do so without condemnation,
intimidation or shame.
For we can draw men unto Him
by living out His Name!
For if WE live the way He leads,
sure, there may be 'sorrows,'
but others will be led to Him
and GREAT be ALL 'tomorrows!!'

Yes, as Jesus walked those centuries ago, so we must walk in this day and age.  We can only do that if we are born-again, and He will be seen in us as we do so!

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