Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Yes, such be the cry of so many hearts as we press on, accomplishing that which we are led to by Jesus Himself!  Even His Holy Word instructs us to do so, so let nothing hold you back or hinder such expectations!

"Come quickly, mighty Jesus!
For we long to be with You!
Because of WHO You are, oh Lord,
and everything You do!
We long, so long to be with You--
the Straight and Narrow Way,
in Paradise forevermore,
where time is gone for aye'!

Yes, come quickly so we see Your face
no longer 'through a glass,'
where issues of this worldly place
all finally will pass!
Where only good and perfect are,
we long, so long to be
celebrating Your Holiness
throughout eternity!
No sickness or diseases there,
no violence or crime;
bound no longer by constraints
like 'physical' or 'time!'
No longer we to be afflicted
by THIS life at all,
worshipping and loving YOU,
at Your beck and call!

Yea, 'COME QUICKLY!' do our hearts cry out
to You and You alone!
You paid the price IN FULL for us,
we are Your very own!
Such truth, it keeps us pressing forward
to that Trumpet Sound
when, by the shackles of this place,
we'll nevermore be bound!"

Listen closely, my brother!  That Trumpet Blast could be at any moment now!  Be prepared for Paradise, present with Jesus and ALL who believe and have Him alive inside!  We will worship Him without end, and HE ALONE will reign in That Place!

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