Sunday, November 6, 2022

Fighting Back!

Merchandising.  Unfortunately, due to the internet, the 'human' aspect of such is becoming a lost art, a vanishing species!  However, those of us who are still proud to have an occupation that deals with the public can change that.  IT'S UP TO US!

Variety throughout the day-
never one the same!
So very many cross my path,
each of them has a name!
I know a few. They ALL know mine,
my ethics and my views!
All glory goes to God for this,
and for favor and grace anew!

My shift went by so very fast,
and now, here on the hill,
the variety of Autumn shines
and generates a thrill!
I take it in and look back on
the hours spent at work.
Some would look at such and say
'You're just a front-end clerk!'
But I was able to reach out,
empathy to avail!
So very much more is involved
than 'just making a sale!'
So very much of such, it hinges
on how much one cares.
And so much of the same, it often
happens unawares!
But, with concerted effort, we
can have much more effect.
Thus, employment ANYWHERE,
has much more an affect!

So, no matter WHO or WHERE you are,
make certain that you care!
It will make certain that 'your sale'
will surely go somewhere!

Yes, whether you are in health the 'customer service' of any kind, we can affect lives in ways that the internet cannot do!  Let us do our best to make sure that this computer does not replace us!  It is happening in too many places!

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