Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Control.  It is a powerful thing.  Some folks must 'possess' it in order to be 'happy...'  So they think!  The only TRUE happiness is found when we give up that control and give it over to Jesus!  Can YOU live that way?

"Great and Mighty...Holy...loving...

This is Jesus Christ the Lord
but all throughout our living!
All throughout our 'every day,'
exciting or mundane,
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
is ANYTHING but 'plain!'
And He wants YOUR life to be the same
but all throughout YOUR day!
In the 'same old...same old...' He
does NOT want you to stay!
In Heaven, just beyond this life,
'just plain,' it is unknown!
And everyone abiding there,
the Lord, He calls 'His Own!'
They SEE the Great and Mighty,
Holy, with their very eyes,
and God desires that ALL souls,
the same, would realize!
Thus, He gives mercy, grace, forgiveness
of the very best!
Ask HIM to be your Lord today,
For He desires none at all
would perish in this life
without repenting and giving Him
a chance to take their strife!
So, give the great and mighty Jesus
charge of your own soul!
For you can do a whole lot more 
when HE is in control!

Control.  That's what it all boils down to.  For some, it is a very hard thing to relinquish.  However, it MUST be done if you want to spend eternity in Paradise!

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