Friday, November 25, 2022

"Black Friday"

"Black Friday."  Those of us in retail know the full meaning of it!  Before I 'join the fray,' I spend precious quiet time with God out in His creation, and we discuss the hours ahead...

The sun is lighting up the land
this WARM November day!
The store, it will be hopping due
Thanksgiving yesterday!
Thankful we remain before
I go in later on.
At that time, all vestiges
of 'rainstorm' will be gone!

But that is later.  For the moment,
out across the hills,
the paintbrush God has so provides
a multitude of thrills!
And the wildlife that He makes
that I see here-and-there
so entertain us with surprise-
for here, they are not rare!
No hunting is allowed upon
the acres 'round this place.
So, animals of many kind
can safely have their space.
Especially the elk that concentrate across that plain
that's just before the mountains start
to rise and entertain!

I converse with God Himself
here in the morning sun.
I praise Him for the awe and splendor
daily He has done!
And He instructs me how to better
the hours that wait ahead.
So wealthy and so fortunate
be ALL those 'Spirit-led!'

Yes, the working hours start this afternoon.  I know it's gonna be busy.  The day after Thanksgiving ALWAYS is!  And I know that I will need His wisdom and guidance to handle all the situations that will arise.  However, He is more than happy to give me His input on how to handle it all!


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