Monday, November 28, 2022

Amongst the masses...

The world is busy.  ESPECIALLY this time of year!  I can walk through my store, through my town, sometimes, unfortunately, even through church and see folks pressed for time and waiting for one thing to get over with so they can move on to the next...

Walking through the gathered crowd-
'What would Jesus do?'
The masses all have schedules
and destinations, too.
Most of them have settled plans
as they go on their way;
some, however, just 'blend in,'
so easily led astray!
Those are the ones that God has put
in place for us to reach.
And each of them, they have a need-
thus, to God, we must beseech!
And, of THOSE needs, a truth be known:
not any of them 'rare!'
But those so led to approach them must
have empathy and care!
Not to 'Shove Jesus down their throats,'
but 'wrap them in His love!'
Thus, seeing that their souls' condition
will be taken care of!
But right now, they just need to know
that CARE-it is alive!
And that point of 'sharing Jesus Christ,'
it surely will arrive!
For now, they may just need to know
a Savior DOES exist-
and such can come in many ways-
just see that it's not missed!

The masses move along,
each to a different 'song.'
Find one without a word
and 'ministry' is occurred!

Yea, a very busy and crowded place we abide in.  However, with Jesus Christ alive inside of us, we are enabled to hear and direct the masses around us.  We must only be available and tend to Holy Spirit's lead as we go!

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