Tuesday, November 29, 2022

'Unseasonable' Mercy!

Yes, that's what you could term the weather on this late November day!  And so beautiful, as well!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  And, as it just so happens, my employer has me scheduled OUTSIDE taking care of pick-ups and deliveries coming in!  I AM SO BLESSED!

Winter's being merciful
to us this afternoon.
December's knocking on the door,
yet, it feels like June!
What will be the cost of THIS
when Christmastime is here?
The thought of such as I enjoy THIS
strikes a little fear!

Such thought, though, it be fleeting, as
we savor sunny skies
and all the color that remain that,
the wind, defies!
And the temp--unseasonable,
but so appreciated,
as we look forward and prepare
for when He's celebrated!

Surely do we honor and
exalt Him EVERY DAY...
and thank Him ever-constantly
for His every way!
But December takes us to a place
where HE is front-and-center
in the world--and in the hearts
who let Him freely enter!

Yes, winter's showing mercy on
this most glorious of days!
And it be fit for one and all
to stop and give Him praise
anywhere throughout this day
that He creates by hand
and spreads so very bountifully
across the open land!

Unseasonably warm it be for today.  ENJOY IT!  For we know that all good things, even THIS KIND of weather, must come to an end!  They said it will be a few days from now, so let us savor and enjoy the glorious sights of His creation...before it all turns white!


Monday, November 28, 2022

Part of a Select Few!

As I ponder life this day, I realize that I am in a very select group of men!  For God saw fit to create a woman who could endure almost anything...and continue to love me!  PRAISE GOD!

How many are the fortunate
that celebrate a love
that's lasted over forty years
and still 'fits like a glove?'
We are so very blessed, we are,
THIS day and every one!
She still remains the gift from God,
she still gets all things done!
But we can only boast of such
because of GOD MOST HIGH!
He KNEW that we would need each other
as the years passed by!
He's filled those years with love for
one another, every day,
and blessed us with great memories
but all along the way!

No looking back...but at all of
the good that God has done
in helping us to make sure we
keep each other #1!
He's shown us sights we won't forget,
and times that sealed our love;
and He protects us, every moment,
from His throne above!
Not every day is 'paradise,'
but this I know so well:
in good and bad, for better or worse,
love ALWAYS we can tell!

So, trust Him, each and every moment,
as we trust each other!
Have God secure YOUR marriage and
there will never be another!

41 years.  A milestone for 'marriage' in the days in which we live!  I am so blessed to have her as my wife!  She has weathered the weather with me...regardless of the 'climate!'  Again, I AM A VERY BLESSED AND FORTUNATE MAN!  AND GOD IS SO GOOD!


Amongst the masses...

The world is busy.  ESPECIALLY this time of year!  I can walk through my store, through my town, sometimes, unfortunately, even through church and see folks pressed for time and waiting for one thing to get over with so they can move on to the next...

Walking through the gathered crowd-
'What would Jesus do?'
The masses all have schedules
and destinations, too.
Most of them have settled plans
as they go on their way;
some, however, just 'blend in,'
so easily led astray!
Those are the ones that God has put
in place for us to reach.
And each of them, they have a need-
thus, to God, we must beseech!
And, of THOSE needs, a truth be known:
not any of them 'rare!'
But those so led to approach them must
have empathy and care!
Not to 'Shove Jesus down their throats,'
but 'wrap them in His love!'
Thus, seeing that their souls' condition
will be taken care of!
But right now, they just need to know
that CARE-it is alive!
And that point of 'sharing Jesus Christ,'
it surely will arrive!
For now, they may just need to know
a Savior DOES exist-
and such can come in many ways-
just see that it's not missed!

The masses move along,
each to a different 'song.'
Find one without a word
and 'ministry' is occurred!

Yea, a very busy and crowded place we abide in.  However, with Jesus Christ alive inside of us, we are enabled to hear and direct the masses around us.  We must only be available and tend to Holy Spirit's lead as we go!

Sunday, November 27, 2022


A lot of 'things' go on in our lives that we have no control over.  There is, however, ONE thing that we can say for CERTAIN about them: GOD KNOWS ALL ABOUT!  And He will NEVER abandon us!

'When I cannot see 'hope,' oh Lord,
You put it in plain sight!
When there is nothing positive,
in YOU, I take delight!
When life, it is frustrating me,
You help me sort it out,
and make sure I have plenty that
I can take joy about!

The pain the happened yesterday,
today I greatly feel.
But You embrace me with Your arms
as, to You, I appeal.
For You are greater far than
agony or all distress!
You chase away the demons and,
my life, You greatly bless!

I CANNOT make it through the day
without Your Presence, Lord.
Therefore, success becomes a way
of life, (and never bored!')
Life gives and takes--for this is true,
but Lord, when I 'belong,'
ANYTHING that happens just
contributes to Your song!

The happenings each day
God uses His own way!
And WE benefit the most!
Thus, in HIM, may we boast!

Oh, that everlasting 'hope' that we have in Jesus Christ!  No one or nothing will EVER take it away!  No sickness, disease, affliction or trial will EVER affect that hope!  In fact, it is THAT HOPE that gets us through all of them!
"Thank You, Jesus, for the HOPE that You are!"


Friday, November 25, 2022

"Black Friday"

"Black Friday."  Those of us in retail know the full meaning of it!  Before I 'join the fray,' I spend precious quiet time with God out in His creation, and we discuss the hours ahead...

The sun is lighting up the land
this WARM November day!
The store, it will be hopping due
Thanksgiving yesterday!
Thankful we remain before
I go in later on.
At that time, all vestiges
of 'rainstorm' will be gone!

But that is later.  For the moment,
out across the hills,
the paintbrush God has so provides
a multitude of thrills!
And the wildlife that He makes
that I see here-and-there
so entertain us with surprise-
for here, they are not rare!
No hunting is allowed upon
the acres 'round this place.
So, animals of many kind
can safely have their space.
Especially the elk that concentrate across that plain
that's just before the mountains start
to rise and entertain!

I converse with God Himself
here in the morning sun.
I praise Him for the awe and splendor
daily He has done!
And He instructs me how to better
the hours that wait ahead.
So wealthy and so fortunate
be ALL those 'Spirit-led!'

Yes, the working hours start this afternoon.  I know it's gonna be busy.  The day after Thanksgiving ALWAYS is!  And I know that I will need His wisdom and guidance to handle all the situations that will arise.  However, He is more than happy to give me His input on how to handle it all!


Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Yes, that day each November when we stop to give God thanks for WHO HE IS and all that He has done for us!  For some of us, 'thanksgiving' is an every-day event!  Oh, that this 'world' would see it that way!

The last week of November
with weather 'up and down!'
Last week, two layers of clothing were
required to move around!
Today, though, only short-sleeves HERE
are sufficing for the day
as folks gather all over the country
and send our thanks His way!

Yes, there is so much to be grateful for
as we reflect on such!
And most of it, it is provided
by Jesus and His touch!
For there is no way this man would know
the success that we enjoy,
unless submission to the Savior,
DAILY we employ!!
For God, He sees to it that we
have all we ever NEED!
He even sees to our DESIRES,
and blesses as we heed!
He is so very generous
to ALL who call His Name!
Oh, since this man got 'born-again,'
life's never been the same!!
And YOU can have the very same
to make it through each day
if you ask Jesus into your heart,
and live your life HIS WAY!
For 'Thanksgiving' will have a whole new meaning
each and every day,
as, in every part of your life,
Christ will be on display!

So...what is it that YOU are grateful for this day?  Is it just a 'day off from work that you still get paid for,' or is it an actual heart-change that affects your every moment?

The Road

Each and every one of us get up and go a different direction each day.  However, whether you know it or not, we are all on the SAME road.  Our actions on that road determine our future...

The road to where I'm going isn't
'boring' in any way!
For it contains the challenges
that come with each new day.
I MUST attend unto this route
with each sense I contain.
For each man is out on this route-
and it NEVER 'plain!'

The journey--it contains some wonder
hard to understand.
Too, it has many sights that He
constructs with His Own hand!
For they fill the 'peripheral' 
of my focal point,
and each and every one of them
my Father would anoint!

At every opportunity
I'm glancing here and there
finding His great fingerprints
utterly everywhere!
As I drive on, the ocean crashes
just off to my west.
Yet, on the right, the mountains soar!
All the while, upon the road,
the gamut is of life:
joy and gladness...utter boredom...
ecstasy and strife!

So, on the road that YOU are on,
find wonder everywhere,
as, most of the others in this world
look for their OWN care!

The road of Life.  Each of us is on it.  Each destination differs, BUT GOD has anointed the final destination!  It is up to each of us to choose HIS route!  If we do, the road becomes all the more exciting, as He will provide us with opportunity to help one another MOVE FORWARD...even if that means STOPPING COMPLETELY so one can heal and be able to move on!  Are YOU willing to heed HIS call?


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

MAKING the Time

Once again, BUSY...BUSY...BUSY!  There comes a point, however, in EVERYONE'S day that you must STOP, stand back, and take a deep breath.  God Most High provides those times, IF we pay attention to Him!

Going to that secret place

where only God can find me.
Absent there be everything
that would attempt to bind me!
Lately, I must visit this place
more than I used to!
Receive I peace, instruction there
on what I'm supposed to do.
For God, He sees how THIS LIFE has
accelerated so!
He's also seen the 'downhill slide'
that 'living' seems to go!
Thus, He provides escape from it,
(though momentarily,)
and let's me stay here for as long
as it may take for me!
There is no 'schedule' here, no 'deadline'
none to tell me 'HURRY UP!'
He returns me when WE are certain,
and FILLED UP is my cup!

For all MUST know this 'secret place'
to make it through 'these days!'
As 'man' has made it difficult
to live The Father's ways!
He saw THAT coming, too, therefore
to ALL does He provide
a 'secret place' where you and God
can conquer and divide!

No, my friend, THIS life shows no signs of slowing down.  Unfortunately, 'people' are showing no signs of such, either!  We MUST cling to Jesus and follow HIS lead if we are going to see any success or relief at all!  

Saturday, November 19, 2022

If ever there was a time...

If there was ever a time that this world needed Jesus, IT IS RIGHT NOW!  Just look around.  Listen.  Watch and see how desperate the cry is for Someone Who has all the right answers!  His Name is JESUS!

As He walked those years ago amongst us,
our Jesus did so much!
Not ever did He pass an
opportunity to 'touch!'
For He fulfilled millenniums 
of Scripture that were written.
In conversation or confrontation
He was NEVER smitten!
And the love and wisdom He expressed,
it's yet alive today!
He and His words are all we need
as we go on our way!

He is not always 'popular'
in places we may go,
but, to have victory EVERYWHERE
He's necessary so!
And His Presence is not limited
unto those Words that thrive,
EVERYWHERE we go these days
He is present and alive!!
And He prefers we prosper and
stay well in His great love;
even reaching out to others,
pointing them above!
But do so without condemnation,
intimidation or shame.
For we can draw men unto Him
by living out His Name!
For if WE live the way He leads,
sure, there may be 'sorrows,'
but others will be led to Him
and GREAT be ALL 'tomorrows!!'

Yes, as Jesus walked those centuries ago, so we must walk in this day and age.  We can only do that if we are born-again, and He will be seen in us as we do so!

Friday, November 18, 2022


I have been in 'public service' for over 45 years now, most of that in 'customer service.'  I have seen quite a bit, and what I see of late I BELIEVE is detrimental to our very core!  Could THIS be why the growth in popularity of 'mail order' and 'food delivery' is skyrocketing?!

What happens if I raise my voice
when I talk with you?
Will you excuse me from your presence
with nothing more to do?
What if I show 'expressions' that
cause you to disagree?
Do you 'cut me off' and make sure
it's the last you see of me?
Too often, in these 'successful ages-'
the very times we're in,
folks 'pick-and-choose' those situations
common to all men!
If I can't 'be myself,' expressing
my heart and emotion,
we might as well become 'robots!'

For God MADE US 'emotional'
for reasons, one and all!
He appreciates our 'differences'
and uses them to call!
I may not 'fit the mold' that YOU
have placed this person in,
however, in the sight of God,
I stand firm among all men!

Yes, each of us are different...
while we all remain the same!
You be yourself, I will be me,
and we'll glorify His Name!
However, we must 'put up with'
our shortcomings--one and all,
if we are to 'get along,'
accomplishing His Call!

This man has seen too many relationships end because of a disagreement...a dispute...or something as simple as 'the wrong tone of voice!'  C'mon, people!  Let's give each other space to be ourselves!  THEN we can get to know one another for who we are, and not for who 'we think each other SHOULD be!'


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Loosening her grip...

Time goes by.  One of the greatest types of evidence of said truth be the glory of the land around you as you look about!  What?!  You don't have time for that??  Oh, brother, you don't know what you're missing!

Autumn's losing ground in her
attempts to keep her beauty...
winter's interfering, doing
his most chilling duty!
Several colors yet remain,
but they are joined by white!
And, in the temperature today,
so few would take delight!!
BUT GOD, He is yet in control,
and, in HIM, we delight
as we look out over the mountains,
taking in the sight!

Vestiges of autumn remain,
(though few and far between;)
and even open pastures yet
contain a little green.
We savor such while knowing, 
too soon, such will disappear.
All the while, we pray this winter
will not be too severe!

For God, He joins us as I watch,
describing His creation.
With each other we converse
without reservation!
For I can tell Him anything
and KNOW He will respond.
So precious and so valuable
is our loving bond!
For it is through the Lord alone-
the Savior of my soul!
For REGARDLESS what the 'season' be,
He ever keeps us whole!

God is so good!  God is so incredible...whatever 'season' it is!  As you commit yourself to be grounded IN HIM, He will find incredible ways for you to find the good, the worth and the beauty in every time and situation!  HE IS ALL-WISE!


Wednesday, November 16, 2022


There is a major corporation in town that has hired me because they have noticed how more and more retail chains are moving toward 'self-checkout.'  I have a job because they wat REAL PEOPLE in their self-checkout areas to assist customers so that they don't have to feel like they are being served by 'mere machines!'  GOD BLESS THEM!!!

Where have gone the values we

have valued oh so much?
Did they start to diminish when
we strayed from 'human touch?'
So long ago, WE HAD TO LOOK 
into each other's eyes!
Now, we use a keyboard and, viola!
Results we realize!
But do 'results' and 'products' that
just 'show up at our door'
negate the 'human' element
that we're so longing for?
And when we get 'out in the world'
we are without a clue!
I'm sure that's what 'technology,'
it WASN'T meant to do!!
For God, He so created us
to be with one another...
to see that we treat everyone
as sister and as brother...
to fellowship IN PERSON with
but anyone at all,
thus, KNOWING the FEELINGS and the mores--
such is our greatest call!

So how far back must any go
to reestablish TRUST?
Being HUMAN to each other-
it has become a MUST!
For too much is at stake, my friend,
Oh, let's get back to 'humanness'
before disaster be!!

Yes, we live in such a 'convenient' world.  But look at what it has cost us!!  People barely know anymore how to associate and communicate with one another FACE-TO-FACE!  Is this 'wonderful technology' we've come to know and love worth all that?!  It's time for introspection!

Friday, November 11, 2022


Veteran's Day, 2022.  The older I get, the more admiration and gratitude have I for all of you that can say "I AM A VETERAN!"  They wouldn't take me, but I surely tried!

You went where this man could not go...
did things I could not do!
You saw things I would rather not...
sometimes, it damaged you!
You came back stronger than you were,
and now, you lead the way!
We look to you with gratitude,
respect in every way!

Some of you, though, have 'come back' home,
but you have not 'returned;'
and the trauma you go through,
just recently, we've learned.
You have our admiration,
thankfulness and our respect.
And many of us, EVERY day,
FOR YOU, our prayers reflect!

But on THIS day, an entire nation,
we reflect on you!
And we want you to know we're grateful
for all the things you do
in defense of this great nation-
at home and abroad-
you were faithful and obedient,
no matter where the sod!

So THANK YOU, all ye personnel
who answered to THE CALL!
God bless you and protect you and
your families--one and all!
For we appreciate you more
than words could ever tell,
as we are aware that MOST of you
have already been through hell!

Yes, THANK YOU to each and every military veteran that these words can reach!  And if any of you know one that cannot read these words, please share it with them for me.  FOR US!  For without YOU, I could not be FREE to write these words!  GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY!


Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Priceless Gift that She Is!

Life is busy!  Life can be too consuming for a relationship to last!  I have seen that in too many lives of folks we love!  But know ye this: THIS LIFE is NOT worth sacrificing one who has sacrificed so much for you!  Over 41 years ago...

Setting everything aside
to do what matters most.
There are so many things of which,
so proudly, I may boast!
But one is on my heart today,
(and most time at all!)
over forty and one years ago
she answered this man's call!
Today, we celebrate our love
that God Himself ordained!
Through good and bad...trial and triumph,
at my side she's remained!
She never has required much,
and, with each year to pass,
gifting her with something better
challenges this ass!
For my wallet cannot give her what
she needs and she deserves,
yet, with each day that we go through,
so faithfully, she serves!

For she has earned so many 'titles'
that define 'just wife!'
She gets me where I need to be
and makes sure I look great,
and ALWAYS places herself 'second'
so ME they celebrate!

There is no way...there are no words,
her value to describe!
For though I be a 'man of words,'
I'm but a lowly 'scribe'
when it comes to saying what
a priceless gift she be!
Maybe, one day, I'll grow up
and those words will come to me!

Trust me.  Having someone in your life who will go through ANYTHING with you and even help you recover, (though she has plenty of struggles herself!) is a gift from God that you better take care of!  God bless you and protect you when you find yours.  I KNOW that I have found mine!

Peace through everything!

PEACE.  We talk about it, we desire it.  We seek it.  And Peace is available!  Man must only learn to set himself aside and allow God's perfect work go on.  For some, that is quite challenging!  Especially in a land that promotes 'freedom!'

Freedom!  Yes, thank God we're free
to do as we would choose!
There are so many lands we see
but daily on 'the news'
where 'freedom,' it is but a dream
that SOME never obtain!
In order to be 'free', however,
someone must lose gain!
Therein lies the absence of
that PEACE we all desire!
But is that THAT really an exchange
that we must require?
And CAN we have a certain 'peace'
if we're not TRULY free?
For such is a debate that's gone on
long 'fore you and me!

Ah, but there's a Peace I know
that NOTHING can affect!
It is provided by The Lord,
upon such I reflect!
And I reside inside the same
but all throughout the day!
It is availed unto the heart-
no matter what men say!
And You can take it deep inside
as YOU yield to His call!
That 'peace that passes understanding,'
for such, Christ gave His all!

Yes, my friend, there IS a 'peace' that can be enjoyed regardless what this life would hold.  YOU, however, must 'activate' it in your own life by giving your soul to Jesus!  You will NEVER regret it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

A 'Noisy' Time of Year!

Once again, we look at life in front of our eyes and cry out "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"  Thank God that we live in a country where we are free to express ourselves!  However, at THIS time of year, we be bombarded with the expressions and opinions of others!  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  However, at times, we just need a place to go and shut it out momentarily!

Another "cold" November day--

sunny and 83!
The news says just three days from now
"white" is all we'll see!
In fact, just two more days from now
this 'paradise' will drop!
Shorts and tank tops, at that time,
they certainly will stop!

Enough, though, about the weather. 
There are issues to address,
like 'ministry' and 'influence-'
my brother's life to bless!
So very much is happening
that's generating stress!
If one cannot provide 'relief,'
emotions be a mess!
I must remind them there's a God
ABOVE all daily strife!
He is the One and only One
Creator of all life!
And He's the ONLY One providing
peace above it all!
No matter what arises, He
will answer your heart-call!

Yes, another glorious day!
So grateful for it all!
We're blessed!  We are so very blessed
as Jesus comes to call!
For He assures us that our day
is glorious and real,
regardless of the 'issues' that
this living may reveal!

Enjoy His reality for yourself!  There is too much of life these days that be mere 'facade!'  However, you can be certain that, when you are in the Presence of The Lord, you do not have to fear or doubt that which you see and hear!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Yes, leftovers.  As I gaze out across the acres today, I realize that there are very few of them left clinging to the trees!  Autumn was glorious, as usual, and God receives all praise for that!  Too, He is being glorified this day as we converse about the view!

The trees across the land abound,
though so few leaves remain!
The evergreens step up to make
the scenery 'unplain!'
November winds, they sweep the land
and scatter them about;
some folks, they see their land and they
exasperate a shout!
However, it's a treat for him
with pen and pad in hand,
as I can paint a landscape, 
no matter how bare the land!
For God, He fills my palette with
the words that need to be
to make to reader 'feel' the land
and cause the eyes to see!

"Thank You, Father, for this gift
You gave so long ago,
that helps me to relate Yourself
so others, they may know
about You and the workings of
Your great and mighty hand
that happen ever-constantly
but all across the land!
You are so very generous
in giving words to me
that communicate You and
your creations that be!
I am so blessed, Almighty God,
to curry Your great favor!
Oh take the words that come from me
and draw men to Your Savior!"

Yes, my friends, if it were not for the Spirit of God within me, none of these words would make any sense at all!  However, BECAUSE He has blessed me, I am able to capture Him and His creations in ways you can understand.  ALL glory goes to Him alone!



Control.  It is a powerful thing.  Some folks must 'possess' it in order to be 'happy...'  So they think!  The only TRUE happiness is found when we give up that control and give it over to Jesus!  Can YOU live that way?

"Great and Mighty...Holy...loving...

This is Jesus Christ the Lord
but all throughout our living!
All throughout our 'every day,'
exciting or mundane,
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
is ANYTHING but 'plain!'
And He wants YOUR life to be the same
but all throughout YOUR day!
In the 'same old...same old...' He
does NOT want you to stay!
In Heaven, just beyond this life,
'just plain,' it is unknown!
And everyone abiding there,
the Lord, He calls 'His Own!'
They SEE the Great and Mighty,
Holy, with their very eyes,
and God desires that ALL souls,
the same, would realize!
Thus, He gives mercy, grace, forgiveness
of the very best!
Ask HIM to be your Lord today,
For He desires none at all
would perish in this life
without repenting and giving Him
a chance to take their strife!
So, give the great and mighty Jesus
charge of your own soul!
For you can do a whole lot more 
when HE is in control!

Control.  That's what it all boils down to.  For some, it is a very hard thing to relinquish.  However, it MUST be done if you want to spend eternity in Paradise!


Yes, such be the cry of so many hearts as we press on, accomplishing that which we are led to by Jesus Himself!  Even His Holy Word instructs us to do so, so let nothing hold you back or hinder such expectations!

"Come quickly, mighty Jesus!
For we long to be with You!
Because of WHO You are, oh Lord,
and everything You do!
We long, so long to be with You--
the Straight and Narrow Way,
in Paradise forevermore,
where time is gone for aye'!

Yes, come quickly so we see Your face
no longer 'through a glass,'
where issues of this worldly place
all finally will pass!
Where only good and perfect are,
we long, so long to be
celebrating Your Holiness
throughout eternity!
No sickness or diseases there,
no violence or crime;
bound no longer by constraints
like 'physical' or 'time!'
No longer we to be afflicted
by THIS life at all,
worshipping and loving YOU,
at Your beck and call!

Yea, 'COME QUICKLY!' do our hearts cry out
to You and You alone!
You paid the price IN FULL for us,
we are Your very own!
Such truth, it keeps us pressing forward
to that Trumpet Sound
when, by the shackles of this place,
we'll nevermore be bound!"

Listen closely, my brother!  That Trumpet Blast could be at any moment now!  Be prepared for Paradise, present with Jesus and ALL who believe and have Him alive inside!  We will worship Him without end, and HE ALONE will reign in That Place!

Sunday, November 6, 2022


Sunset.  The trees of November are silhouetted against the darkening sky as I gaze out of my office toward the east.  God's great creation in His perfect cycle.  What a glorious sight!

Shadows, they are lengthening
as day starts to unwind.
God makes sure that a place of peace
this man can truly find!
Of course, that place contains a view
of His great creation,
and the presence of my wife-
what a glorious relation!!
She sees to it that I have a place
of peace and luxury,
made of the many blessings He's
provided such as we!
And she joins me as we watch the day
come to such peaceful end!
She is a gift out of His hand:
a lover, partner and friend!
For almost 41 years now,
she's been such unto me!
And He provides all other things
that be 'necessity.'
Too, He provides those 'luxuries'
that our hearts may desire.
He is a Friend that leaves us not-
so rare in times so dire!

Yea, though shadows lengthen, in HIM,
we've not any fear!
We do our best to keep on going,
AND DO SO, with Him near!
And right now, light is almost gone,
but Light have we got ever!
That 'three-fold' cord we've come to know,
nothing at all may sever!

I certainly hope that YOU can relate to that!  God provides incredible scenery to inspire the pen of this man, and the gift that I call 'wife' makes sure I have time to record it all for you good folks to enjoy!  God bless you all!

Fighting Back!

Merchandising.  Unfortunately, due to the internet, the 'human' aspect of such is becoming a lost art, a vanishing species!  However, those of us who are still proud to have an occupation that deals with the public can change that.  IT'S UP TO US!

Variety throughout the day-
never one the same!
So very many cross my path,
each of them has a name!
I know a few. They ALL know mine,
my ethics and my views!
All glory goes to God for this,
and for favor and grace anew!

My shift went by so very fast,
and now, here on the hill,
the variety of Autumn shines
and generates a thrill!
I take it in and look back on
the hours spent at work.
Some would look at such and say
'You're just a front-end clerk!'
But I was able to reach out,
empathy to avail!
So very much more is involved
than 'just making a sale!'
So very much of such, it hinges
on how much one cares.
And so much of the same, it often
happens unawares!
But, with concerted effort, we
can have much more effect.
Thus, employment ANYWHERE,
has much more an affect!

So, no matter WHO or WHERE you are,
make certain that you care!
It will make certain that 'your sale'
will surely go somewhere!

Yes, whether you are in health care...in the pulpit...in sales...in 'customer service' of any kind, we can affect lives in ways that the internet cannot do!  Let us do our best to make sure that this computer does not replace us!  It is happening in too many places!

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Sunday, Precious Sunday!!

Yes, that's the best way to look at this day...ESPECIALLY if you are a believer!  For it is one of the days in the week when we can refresh, refill and be reminded of all that He has promised us!  DON'T MISS OUT!!

Sunday, Sunday...getting ready

for His holy Place!
Looking forward to such peace,
compassion, mercy and grace!
There is a message from The Lord
awaiting for to share,
and there are people of like-mind
who love, who give, who care!!

Six days we've spent out in a world
that 'seems' to have its way.
Though we KNOW God is in control
and has the final say,
we NEED that fellowship with
one another whom we love
if we are going to 'progress,' 
move on and rise above!
But what we need the very most
is gathering IN HIS NAME,
giving God all glory and
receiving from the same!
Our faith--it is reciprocal:
we give and we receive;
oh, but HE gives most of all,
I know and I believe!!

So, rise up!  Look up!  Take your hopes
and dreams into HIS home!
He'll keep them safe!  He will fulfill them!
You'll NOT have to roam!
He will give you all you need
to press on and excel!
The One Who loves gives more than all-
your every step will tell!

Yes, THE ONE WHO GIVES!  He is awaiting you in His holy house!  Take to Him all your dreams, your cares, your fears and your expectations and He will help you sort them out in such a way that you will arrive victoriously!  I PROMISE!

Friday, November 4, 2022

The worth of your labors!

GOD'S WAYS ARE HIGHER AND GREATER THAN MAN'S WAYS!  Those of us who belong to God can go through life and cling to this precious truth!  In doing so, we can trust HIM for satisfaction, and not a corporation...a manager...an owner...or ANYONE!

"Oh God, for we belong to You
as You have sealed our fate!
The Blood of Jesus You provide-
none other is so great!
In HIM we have approval, we have
confidence, as well!
Such helps us, with the stresses of
THIS life, to amply quell!

Though labor may place on us great
though 'upper management' demands
though such seems insurmountable
here in this day and age,
YOU provide us with a peace
that helps avoid all rage!

Yea, Lord, if we would see YOU as
our manager or boss,
we are enabled for the task
and naught shall be our loss!
No 'business' or 'assignment' is
so great that we breathe not!
And we draw from Your 'perfect peace'
whenever we feel 'distraught!!'

That which we set our hands to do,
we do as unto YOU!
Such ensures that VICTORY
will be when we are through!
And those above us in positions
will answer unto YOU,
should they expect too much of us
than, physically, we can do!"

When the tasks begin to mount and attempt to overtake, GIVE THEM TO JESUS!  If you have a supervisor that cannot understand that, then they are not worthy of you or your abilities!  REALIZE THIS TRUTH and move into what God has next for you!  I promise you, HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!

The Morning Discussion

It is always happening...it just takes a trained ear to capture it!  It goes on all around us, and we must only MAKE the time to listen...

The animals and deer converse
about the sunny day!
The birds join the discussion with
all that they have to say!
They are probably complaining that
the food is getting low
in the feeders I have placed
as they go to-and-fro!

I enjoy their antics, then
I must be on my way.
I am expecting several trucks
overdue today.
With all that's going on, the shelves
are getting kinda low-
they must be full lest our clients,
somewhere else, will go!

For God has blessed us with a base
of faithful clientele.
'Anywhere' has business and ours,
for it has been quite well!
The favor of the Lord--it is
appreciated so,
and HIS favor, it keeps us busy,
this I truly know!

For I will dwell upon the blessings
right before my eyes
as I take care of customers
who choose to patronize
my place of business through the day
until, here, I return
to watch his critters entertain
in the sunset burn!

The day is before me.  God has already ordered my steps.  He knows what will and what will not happen, so I just have to follow His lead to obtain another successful day!  HE IS SO FAITHFUL!


Thursday, November 3, 2022


All the while we go about whatever it is we are doing...all the while the TV and politics are ranting and raving...even while I am going through this wretched pain, there is a festival happening like none other!

The heavenlies are celebrating
Jesus Christ the King!
Voices come from everywhere,
incessantly to sing!
It is a ceremony that
is not like any other,
and we will join them in the air
if we are 'sister, and 'brother!'

For even as we go about
and do what we do best,
He is enthroned in majesty
amidst the glory-fest!
But we must wait until That Day
already long-ordained,
before OUR eyes catch sight of what
eternity has contained!
And while Heaven celebrates His glory,
He goes about our lives
bringing victory and seeing
everyone arrives!
His desire is that EVERYONE
will join Him There
and savor living evermore,
perfection everywhere!!
Especially the celebration
always going on,
and worship of His holiness
not ever will be gone!!
For He is worthy of it all
as He is GOD THE SON!
For when THIS life is not at all,
He'll still be #1!!

Join me in that yonder celebration, won't you?  And you don't even have to wait until you get there!  For He is worthy of your adoration EVEN RIGHT NOW!  Do not miss out, my friend!


Tuesday, November 1, 2022


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel that NO ONE understands or has an answer for?  I assure you, even with all of the adversity that we face at times, JESUS UNDERSTANDS!  And He will ALWAYS respond to your call!

All I can do this afternoon

is cry out unto God!
These 'tragedies' continuing,
so long ago seemed 'odd!'
But in the days that are, it seems
they happen more and more;
and lives and friends and loved ones, they
are critical and sore!
Between 'disasters,' 'violence,'
and just plain 'craziness
there are families everywhere
whose lives become a mess
because another's life was taken
that they held so dear--
such pain and sorrow take so long,
if ever, to disappear!
Were it not for God Most High,
The Comforter we know,
some of us could function not;
much less, further, go!!

About us and around the world
such pain is taking place.
Pain of every sort at all,
BUT NONE above His grace!
Yes, call on Jesus Christ the Lord
for what YOU'RE going through.
For God has sent His Son for all
that's happening to you!
He listens AND He understands
of His abundant care;
His comfort and His consolation,
He will freely share!!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR PAIN AND FRUSTRATION!  We all go through it.  Different levels at different times...BUT it is still frustrating.  It is hard to fathom that there is ONE to turn to in ANY and EVERY situation, BUT THERE IS!  His name is Jesus, and His open, healing arms are waiting for you, always available!