Monday, October 3, 2022


I heard someone say earlier today "You can find a thousand reasons to say 'No.'  But look instead for that ONE reason to say 'Yes' and cultivate it, exploit it and act upon it!"

It seems that everywhere we turn
somebody tells us 'No!'
There are 'limitations' and 'excuses'
everywhere we go!!
I can devise a thousand ways,
excuses to say 'No!'
But just a single 'Yes' from me--
say, how far will that go?

Are we so wrapped up in OURSELVES
and what WE want to do
that we overlook our neighbor or
our brother in his due?
If I can't find the time to say
'Yes' to another's need,
then, surely, at the bidding of
The Lord, I won't succeed!

So very busy is this life--
but NOT too busy to care!!
If we have no time for one another,
then we've gone wrong somewhere!!
Retrace your steps.  Go find that place
and make corrections needed,
lest we find ourselves in that black place
where prayers, they are NOT heeded!

And, sadly, there IS such a place.  For God said to us in His Word that if we began to neglect one another, then our very prayers TO HIM would hit a brick wall!  WHAT A HORRIBLE PLACE THAT WILL BE!

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