Sunday, October 16, 2022


In this day and age, with as busy as we can become, SOMETIMES we ignore the fact that we belong to God, and that HE sees and knows EVERYTHING.  One of these days, we are going to have to give Him account of 'everything.'  Where, then, will we stand?

Another glorious afternoon!
Folks working in the yard...
God providing breeze and sunlight
for those working hard.
Looking so far down the road
at folks out in the sun;
working on their property,
doing what must be done.

I notice how another 'neighbor'
goes out of his way
to blow his leaves and throw his branches
where people are 'away.'
He looks around, then throws HIS branches
into THEIR backyard!
To see his type of 'character,'
it is not very hard.
Just because he doesn't want
to deal with nature's 'mess,'
he sets aside integrity
and all righteousness!!
If he had ANY class, he would,
such, properly dispense!
Sure, he has a beautiful yard,
but at WHOSE expense?!

ALL that is done in secret will be
surely brought to light!
Some will cower at that time in shame
while others will delight!
Let US make sure our every thought,
each deed and every word
is girded with INTEGRITY,
before That Day is occurred!

"Oh, it's just a little thing.  Nobody's gonna know..."
"Ahhh...they have enough property.  They'll never notice!"
"Just tell them you accomplished that task.  Besides, no one ever checks your work..."
All of these are lies that we tell ourselves to avoid ___________, AND because we can get away with it!  Again, INTEGRITY IS WHAT YOU ARE WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING!!


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