Thursday, October 6, 2022

Time, Precious Time

Life can be as full or as empty as we choose.  It's all up to us.  However, if you are a child of The King, there are never things to do that never end...therefore, we must seek HIS balance through each day!

There are so many things these days.
Each day can be anew!
But more than all, we must wonder
"What would Jesus do?
An entire day ahead of me,
with 'the job' two days away.
But I desire You, my Father,
would direct my day!
I would that You would use this man
in ALL I say and do!
I would that my feet find that path
that brings the most TO YOU!
I know that there are folks and places
starving for Your touch!
Take me, Father.  I will follow,
and give You glory much!"

I can think of no better way
to occupy my day
than to see that Jesus is shared
all along the way!
The same will benefit all others
that are in my path,
and maybe even spare a few
from 'yon impending wrath!

Sure, I could go spend several hours fishing.  God wouldn't mind that at all!  HE WILL SURELY JOIN ME!  Or I could spend several days cataloguing Hot Wheels!  (Which surely NEEDS to be done!)  But I want to do something to glorify Him, and I long as I follow His lead!

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