Friday, October 14, 2022

The Ocean Breeze

The breezes go without control right now as I walk through the sand.  Hand-in-hand with the one that I love, we watch all of the ingredients of God's glorious creation!

The modest winds are evident

upon this lazy day.
I notice as the sea is 'choppy'
all across the bay.
And, just beyond the lighthouse.
waves unending crash and break,
while, miles offshore, the skies are black--
this evening, what's at stake?!

But that is later on.  Right now
the autumn sun is high!
It sets aglow the breakers and
the seagulls flying by!
It is a welcome respite from
the very busy week.
So perfect, the sabbatical
that my soul would seek!

For only God could make a place
so beautiful, so ideal!
Though I can see it very clear,
to some would He conceal.
'It's just a stormy coastline with
some waters that are rough...'
but, to the seasoned eye, it is
inspiring enough!

'O thank You for the ocean and
its wonder--so alive!
Its majesty and power and
its life will ever thrive!
And it is fascination for
the one with pen in hand!
Creation and its wonderments-
all in God's command!'

Surely, there is a stormy night in store!  However, right now, here upon the coast, the magnificence of HIS creation is so alive and thriving!  Savor every moment of it as you give God all the glory!  HE IS SO GENEROUS!

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