Saturday, October 29, 2022

The GOOD Day ahead!

Good morning.  Yes, a GOOD morning.  Regardless of the day ahead of you, if you are a child of God, it WILL be a GOOD day!  I promise you!

A perfect morning--overcast,
between the hot and cold...
time with God before the day-
it never does get old!
Especially THIS time of year
as the seasons change-
a kaleidoscope that just
The Father could arrange!
And when the sun peeks in and out
those shades are set aglow!
All while very able breezes,
across the mountains, blow!
In the same, so many colors
fly so freely by,
eventually to make a quilt
so pleasing to the eye!
But there's even a kaleidoscope
across the open skies
that God alone creates--so very
pleasant to the eyes!
He paints it so that we can draw
from it throughout the day.
He knows how busy we can get
upon the narrow way!
Wherever we are heading and
whatever be the chore,
He sends reminders He is with us
opening each door!
And those 'reminders, they can come
in oh, so many forms,
As God Creator NEVER, to
our own 'specs,' conforms!

A perfect morning.  Doing what must be done, going where God leads and beholding His awesome touch each step of the way.  WE ARE SO BLESSED!


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