Monday, October 31, 2022

'The Falling Away'

Yes, the Word of God spoke of it.  However, how many of us thought that it was referring to 'believers?'  Could it be that it was referring to His 'leaders?'

"The first day of November
with summer in the wind?
The elements are fickle as
the leaves, they yet descend!
But I ponder on this morning
a 'descent' of other kind,
one that is quite concerning, yet
is so widespread to find:
pastors, priests and ministers
of all denomination
are giving up and walking out
but all across the nation!
People getting 'saved' and baptized
is at an all-time low!
Where and when, o tell me, Lord,
did we, so wrong, go?!
Even 'worship' of You do we
use to 'entertain,'
instead of heartfelt 'adoration,'
Your Presence, for to gain!

How far must we regress, oh Lord,
to get back to the point
when, our 'sacrifice of praise,'
You'll take in and anoint?
Our service and devotion should
be pleasing unto You,
not mere 'weekly' or 'daily' THINGS,
habitually, we do!!
For You are worthy of much more
from the ones You call!
For THEN, perhaps, our pastors, priests
and leaders will stay their Call!"

I know that, in the days we are in, employers such as I are having trouble getting folks to come to work...or even apply!  However, WE, being The Body of Christ, should NOT be experiencing the same problems that the world is having!  GOD HELP US!
A painful and true fact it is that 'The Ministry' is seeing a mighty falling away in the days that are.  Is THIS what The Word spoke about when it told of 'a great, falling away?'  Hmm...


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