Friday, October 7, 2022

Support System

A typical day of the week.  You get ready and go do your best to be the best that you can be.  For a great many, however, that is more easily said than done!  Regardless what you have been taught or have heard, WE ALL NEED ONE ANOTHER!!

'How can I help you today?'
'I'm here if you have need!'
'Why yes!  Those are on aisle 16
right above the seed!'
'You're welcome!  You just holler if
another need should be!
And, by the way, your presence in
our store is good to see!'

'What's that?  You say you have a need
that IS NOT in the store?'
'Yes, I have time.'  'Hey, guys, I'll be back...'
'That's what friends are for!
Why, yes, I am THAT GUY who prays
that you have heard about!
What is it that is on your heart?
For God can work it out!
You're welcome.  EVERYONE needs someone
to listen AND to hear!
And I'll keep praying for your son
until he's in the clear!'

Each and every one of us need
a system of 'support!'
Without each other and The Lord,
to WHAT shall we resort?!
And if you think you're strong enough
to live this life 'alone,'
you just lie to yourself and make
your ignorance be known!

Yes, each and every one of us need at least several other folks in life that we can be honest with and pour our heart out to!  I don't care WHO you are or how STRONG you THINK you are, that support system is of utmost importance!  Even Jesus Himself had disciples with Him that he could share with!  What makes YOU think you can do this by yourself?!

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