Friday, October 28, 2022

Starting Over

Life is beautiful.  Most of us can agree upon this truth.  Nature, however, can come along and disrupt this beautiful life with her fury.  What do we do THEN?!

Life is oh so beautiful,

so wondrous and so rare!
We are so very blessed, we are,
to sample of its fare!
There be a part of living, though,
that each of us go through
that's terrifying, violent, deadly
for no matter who!
For elements, they come together,
rapidly to form!
Professionals, they play it down
by saying "It's just a storm!"
But each of them be different in
their makeup and affects,
and their results, when they pass by,
can turn lives into wrecks!
BUT GOD, so very merciful
in everything He does,
He gives us BETTER when such hits,
instead of that which 'was!'

Regardless of the 'elements'
and the aftermath,
GOD IS PRESENT e'er to help us
cope with nature's wrath!
He knows the life that we have known
and helps us to recover;
proving that, over each ones' lives,
He's CONSTANTLY to hover!

Yes, the storm came and went.  We look around and see the aftermath and effects of Nature's fury.  God, however, looks around at the same and sees the potential for us to have better than what was before the storm!  TRUST HIM!

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